Corn Relish 4kg


Corn Relish 4kg


A universal favourite, our corn relish is traditionally made to spice up chicken, pork, tuna, bacon, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches or wraps.

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Yummy Dogs corn relish is a far cry from the processed versions found on the supermarket shelf. It’s a whole-corn, full-bodied relish with authentic, traditional texture and flavour. Retaining the golden hue and goodness of whole corn kernels, our corn relish is a rich taste sensation with a multitude of uses.

Where Corn Relish originates

Corn relish is a dish traditionally found in the southern states of America. The original version was made with capsicum, peppercorns, sugar and cider vinegar, and likely to be served as a side dish with staple foods like ham and boiled potatoes. Now it’s popular around the world as a tasty, versatile addition to a range of hot and cold foods. The scrumptious Yummy Dogs recipe relies on premium ingredients and subtle blending, giving our corn relish a unique flavour. - It’s the real deal!

How do I use Yummy Dogs Corn Relish?

There are plenty of ways to introduce our corn relish to your customers.

  • Crunchy topping for hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers.

  • Side relish for roast dinners.

  • Enhanced flavour for chicken and pork dishes.

  • Mixed with cream cheese for a delicious dip.

  • Your own take on chicken and sweetcorn soup.

  • Baked in savoury pumpkin or zucchini muffins.

  • Added to cheese and vegetable bakes.

  • A yummy side dish for your salad bar or buffet.

  • A sweet twist for wraps, sandwiches and focaccias.

  • Blended into salad dressings.

  • Fried with egg and flour as tasty corn fritters or pancakes.

  • Mixed into vegetarian patties.

  • Added to capsicum, chilli, coriander and lime as a great salsa.

  • Try a salsa of black beans, corn relish, diced tomato and chopped peppers.

  • Cold chicken and sweetcorn salads.

  • Indian-style potato and sweetcorn samosas.

  • The highlight of any vegetarian dish.

  • Sweet, crunchy addition to tuna bakes.

  • Perfect complement to white fish served with white sauce.

  • Baked into chicken and sweetcorn pies.

  • Stir fried with red and green capsicum and yellow squash.

We told you it was versatile!

Product Specifications:

Catering-sized packaging for the needs of the food service industry.

Content: 4 Kg Net

Package type: Glass jar

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