Hamburger Relish 4kg


Hamburger Relish 4kg


In a rich tomato base, our hamburger relish can be popped on top of hamburgers and hot dogs, smothered on egg dishes and lavished on bacon and pork chops.

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There’s nothing like a robust, tomato-based relish to jazz up some of the most enduringly popular food in Australia today – hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs and a range of other meat-lover dishes. There’s something about this tempting red relish that keeps us coming back for more. We think your customers will keep coming back for more too, if you start serving up this classic topping in your pub, café, restaurant, stall or food truck.

Why our Hamburger Relish is so popular

Let’s be clear. Yummy Dogs hamburger relish is not tomato ketchup. It’s not tomato sauce. And it’s not tomato pickle either. It’s an intriguing combination of all three, with some secret ingredients slipped in. Your customers get to experience a chunky, brightly coloured and supremely tasty relish with the taste buds as winners.

  • It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

  • It’s made to a traditional recipe with premium ingredients.

  • It’s chunky, authentic and zinging with flavour.

  • It’s sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time!

  • It’s not quite like any other relish you’ve tried.

Dishes which cry out for Hamburger Relish

So, our hamburger relish is best buddy with a wealth of sizzling burger, sausage, frankfurter, bacon and yummy fried or barbecued meat dishes. Yet it can be used with many other foods – just use your imagination!

  • Smother it on tasty pork chops.

  • Lavish it on scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs or omelettes.

  • Spread it freely on sandwiches – ham, bacon, sliced chicken, turkey and corned beef.

  • Tuck it into toasted focaccias.

  • It’s a perfect pie companion – chunky beef and veg, chicken and mushroom, spinach and ricotta or the traditional sausage roll.

  • Add as a side dish to quiches and frittatas.

  • Spice up vegetarian dishes with a big-flavoured, veggie-based relish.

Forget the Aussie meat pie with a squelch of tomato sauce on top. Your pies deserve a hamburger relish with big heart and even bigger flavour.

Product Specifications:

Catering-sized packaging for the needs of the food service industry.

Content: 4 Kg Net

Package type: Glass jar

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