Hot Dog Relish 4kg


Hot Dog Relish 4kg


Our authentic hot dog relish is a real winner. Also known as yellow relish or mustard relish, it’s delicious and guaranteed to spice up a range of dishes.

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This is definitely our most popular topping. Mild, fruity and irresistible with a hint of mustard. Our hog dog relish has become a universal favourite. Also known as ‘yellow relish’ or ‘mustard relish’, it has a multitude of uses and is perhaps the most versatile of all our toppings.

An essential addition to sausages, hot dogs and burgers, look beyond fast food to a range of creative recipe options.

  • Mix it into green or potato salads.

  • Try it in chicken, pork, tuna, ham or cheese sandwiches.

  • It’s a succulent addition to wraps and focaccias.

  • Bring meat dishes to life with a side of hog dog relish.

  • Perk up white fish dishes with crunch and bite.

  • Add it to a basic meatloaf for satisfying flavour.

  • Use it as a quick and tasty dip with corn chips.

Sandwiches: When it comes to sandwich-making, our unique hot dog relish truly comes into its own. Add it to these intriguing sandwich combinations:

  • Corned beef and watercress.

  • Roast beef and rocket.

  • Tuna, iceberg lettuce and tomato.

Cheese: Hot dog relish is the perfect companion to cheese dishes, with the vinegar tang of the relish balancing the richness of the cheese.

  • Add it to toasted cheese sandwiches.

  • Pile it on creamed cheese on toast.

  • Provide as a side dish on cheese platters

  • Use it as a sweet, tangy pizza topping.

Egg: Egg dishes call out for condiments.

  • Egg dishes call out for condiments.

  • Yummy with omelettes and scrambled egg.

  • Try devilled eggs with hot dog relish!

  • Mix relish with chopped hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise for a great sandwich filling - just add crunchy lettuce.

  • Toss relish through a hard-boiled egg salad.

Hot Meaty Snacks: Hot dog relish is the ultimate pairing for, of course, hot dogs and other tasty treats! Smother it on burgers, sausages, chicken breasts and bacon sandwiches for extra bite.

Vegetarian Perfection: Having trouble finding tasty vegetarian options for your customers? Let hot dog relish work its magic, giving texture and flavour to food which could otherwise be bland. Serve with veggie burgers, chick pea salads and vegetarian frittatas and quiche.

Product Specification:

Catering-sized packaging for the needs of the food service industry.

Content: 4 Kilogram

Package type: Glass jar

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