Hot Pepper Relish 4KG

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Hot Pepper Relish 4KG


Some like it hot, and there’s nothing more fiery and delicious than our hot pepper relish. Use it to add interest to meat, fish, pasta and cheese dishes.

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Some like it hot, and we’re sure you have customers who love nothing better than a dish with genuine fire in it. Our hot pepper relish is a sure winner for people who look for food with lots of heat. But hot pepper relish isn’t just hot. It has a rich, satisfying flavour and texture which is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of hot and cold dishes. Because it is so concentrated, just a small amount will add significant punch to your savoury lunches, dinners and snacks.

Tips for using Hot Pepper Relish: Say farewell to dull and lacklustre food. When your customers ask for real bite, you know how to provide it!

Hot and Cold: Why not pair hot pepper relish with cool or chilled food? This gives the dish a nice balance, and avoids overheating. Think food straight from the fridge like cheeses (hard and soft), tomatoes, salad, chopped hard-boiled egg, cold meats, smoked salmon and salami. It makes a great side dish for snacks, light lunches and takeaways.

Barbecued and Chargrilled Food: It’s yummy with kebabs, skewered meats, barbecued chicken, chargrilled steak and vegetables, burgers and hot dogs.

Sandwiches: Add to a cream cheese and ham filling, or add hot pepper relish to your BLT wrap.

Stirfries: How about an eggplant, squash and capsicum stirfry with onion, olive oil and hot pepper relish?

Appetisers: Serve hot pepper relish with toast or crackers and a pot of cream cheese for a spicy and delicious starter. Or serve it as a fiery dip with antipasto, or a platter of corn chips and chopped raw vegetables.

Pork: Hot pepper relish is awesome with all kinds of pork, ham and bacon dishes.

Pastries: Serve with:

  • Meat, poultry, fish or vegetable spring rolls

  • Meat and vegetable pies.

  • Sausage or cheese rolls.

  • Quiches.

Product Specifications:

Catering-sized packaging for the needs of the food service industry.

Content: 4 Kg Net

Package type: Glass jar

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