Food catering for Every Event and Function in Sydney

If you’re tired of limp sandwiches and tame quiches taking the spark out of your special event, prepare to raise the temperature. Cater for your get-together using Yummy Dogs’ exhilarating range of hot dogs, toppings and fresh baked buns – and put the zing back into your menu.

After all, whether you’re planning a birthday party, office function or corporate event, it always goes better if you feed your guests fine, authentic food. And that’s the magic of Yummy Dogs. It’s food with the X factor.

Team our punchy hot dog sausages with our own sensational range of pickles, relishes, peppers, salsas and sauces – and watch the mood of your guests soar.

The sensational Yummy Dogs experience

Let’s be honest. No matter how serious the conference, or important the event, no-one can resist food which packs a punch. It breaks the ice, gets people talking, peps up the party and oils the networking wheels. That’s why we offer a carefully selected menu tailored for each event and the specific needs of you and your guests.

Enjoy the highest quality sausages – free of gluten as well as all artificial colours and flavours - served with lightly baked buns and a lip-smacking condiment bar which encourages your guests to experiment with a feast of taste sensations.

We come to you, so you don’t need to lift a finger on the day. Simple, versatile and fun.

Office Functions

We cater for everything – office parties, training events and team-building exercises. Read more

Business/Corporate Events

Show clients that your catering is as spot-on as your products and services. Read more

Conference Catering

Lighten the serious business of the day with an appetising Yummy Dogs experience. Read more

Client Meetings

Give your clients the real deal with colourful, appealing, zesty Yummy Dogs fare. Read more

Office Lunches and Dinners

Don’t bore your staff with dull food. Book a Yummy Dogs hot dog cart or stand for maximum impact. Read more

Product Launches

Launches can be hard work, so refresh your energy with a hot dog and relish combo. Read more

Birthday Parties

Birthday celebrations need more than cake – spice it up with a Yummy Dog sensation. Read more

Special Events

Whatever the event, yummy dogs are as special as the occasion. Read more

Christmas Parties

For some genuine Christmas cheer, try a Yummy Dogs experience in the open air. Read more

Engagement Parties & Weddings

Give your guests something else to celebrate with our zingy range of hot dog delights. Read more


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