Our favourite time of year is just around the corner and we’re in the mood to celebrate!

Hot Dog Day was created by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council in the USA. It honours the iconic treat that’s responsible for tantalising taste buds across the globe.

In fact, the whole month of July is now designated to hot dog-inspired festivities around the world, so you’ve got plenty of time to throw your own bash and indulge to your heart’s content. Here’s how with three party ideas to please everyone!

Throw a neighbourhood street party

Have you ever wished you knew your neighbours better? Here’s your opportunity. Nothing brings people out of homes and into the community like the smell of sizzling sausages on a hot dog cart, complete with scrumptious relishes.

It’s as easy as popping some invites into letterboxes for a Saturday or Sunday event.

Pool resources with friends for the catering, put some chairs in a shared area, organise a few patio heaters for warmth, games for the kids and music - and you’ve got yourself a sensational street party.

Turn up the heat at your corporate function

It’s chilly in July and harder to find the perfect theme for a corporate event to attract people out into the cold. Here’s where you can use hot dogs to full advantage! Whether it's an employee party, a product launch or a networking event, most of us simply can’t resist the allure of a hot dog.

Create a carnival or festival vibe with a hot dog cart, roving entertainment and sideshow games. Host a sports day and advertise the main event as a hot dog eating competition to rival the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. No time for an event? Spoil your employees anyway with a surprise hot dog lunch on Wednesday, July 17.

A costume party for the kids

Don't forget how much fun the little ones can have with hot dog month! We’ve all dressed up as superheroes, pirates, princesses and clowns. Take your child’s costume party - and the opportunity for laughs - to a whole new level with a hot dog-themed event.

Hire a hot dog stand and get creative with costumes. Hot dog costumes are likely to be a ‘hot’ favourite, but there are plenty of other options to choose from as well.

Fancy dress stores stock everything from pizza and cheese slices to bananas and tomato sauce bottles.

However, you don’t need to spend up big on costume hire, with handy tricks to whip them up yourself. Attach purple balloons to a plain green shirt and you’ve got a bunch of grapes. Use pink spray paint on cotton wool balls and glue them to an old shirt for a fairy floss costume.

As for the hot dog, it’s a simple matter of cutting a life-sized sausage shape out of red felt. Then, swirl yellow fabric paint down the middle to look like mustard. Sew it onto a tan-coloured dress or a shirt and pants outfit, to mimic the bun.

Now, sit back and picture your children’s party filled with incredibly cute food friends running around, while you sit back, relax and sink your teeth into an actual hot dog.

Happy Hot Dog Day!