Choosing the right food for your next corporate event is almost as important as the event itself! After all, it’s usually the food that gets people through the door, and keeps everyone talking long after your function is over. So, how do you make sure you satisfy your guest’s taste buds and leave them with fantastic memories? Follow these tips for catering success.

Cater to your goal

To start narrowing down the options for catering, consider what style of dining best suits the goal of your event. Are you holding an employee awards party? A networking night? A function to raise money for charity, impress new clients or launch a product?

A formal, evening event might require a sit-down meal in between speeches. However, finger food catering in Sydney is usually a much better option for networking or awards nights when you want to encourage mingling within a casual atmosphere. Make sure eating fits in with your schedule and provides a highlight for attendees to look forward to.

Research your guest list

Once you’ve decided on a style of dining that aligns with your goal, it’s just as important to cater to the specific tastes of your guests! For example, a charity event might include families with children, so a hot dog stand would create a buzz and keep guests of all ages happy.

Impress clients at a midday function with gourmet sandwich fillings, complete with delicious relishes for a unique spin on an old favourite. No matter how many fancy options you find, there’s no point in serving food that looks great but doesn’t appeal to your guests. Make sure you always choose catering based on quality ingredients and what’s most likely to tantalise the taste buds of your specific invitees.

 Keep beverages simple

 Just like food, it’s impossible to know what everyone likes to drink, so the best approach is to keep it simple. Day or night, you can’t go wrong with a coffee and tea bar, whether you hire baristas or serve a selection of teas and brewed coffee at a self-serve station.

Turn pitchers of water into a treat, by infusing them with ice, colourful fruit and herbs. Refreshing combinations include cucumber, strawberry and mint, pineapple and lime or lemon and raspberry. You can do the same with soft drinks, to add a tasty twist to non-alcoholic drinks.

If you are serving alcohol, create a signature cocktail or two to name after your event. This is a simple way to keep costs down and also give everyone something to talk about. Obviously, beer and wine are always popular for evening events. However, you certainly don’t have to serve everything, to keep everyone happy. One or two brands of beer should suffice, along with a red and a white wine choice, depending on how large your event is.

When you cater to the goal of your event, consider the tastes of the majority of attendees and keep it simple with beverages, you’ll reap the benefits of fantastic catering that lives on in the minds of your employees and clients.