Every year, the countdown is on for your child's next birthday party. They look forward to the big day with a lot of anticipation and excitement. The only problem is, what can you do to make this birthday even more special than the last? Here are five fresh and fun party ideas to consider, from the simple to the extravagant.

1. A LEGO-themed party

Hands up who doesn't like LEGO? It's bright, colourful, immersive and will keep a room full of children happy for hours. You can throw a LEGO-themed party in the garage, in a park, in the backyard or even in the lounge room (if you're game).

Chances are, you'll be able to round up a significant LEGO collection from everyone you know. Then, all you need are some tables and chairs to group different sets of LEGO, so all the party-goers can try something new. Enhance the theme with a LEGO-inspired cake, yellow, red and blue balloons and small LEGO gifts in party bags.

2. A camping party

Especially good for slumber parties, a camping party is all about 'pretending' to stay in the great outdoors, even if you're in the carport! Set tents up in the yard, or for the little ones, use indoor tents or create teepee-style cubby houses from furniture and sheets.

Arrange games such as treasure hunts, or explorations using magnifying glasses and binoculars. Place little surprises along the way, such as puzzles, frisbees and toys that everyone can play with together. For an easy solution to your party food needs, consider options such as hot dogs with a range of appealing relishes.

3. A paint splash party

This one's not for the faint of heart, because it's going to get messy, but the kids will love it! Set up a large tarp or square of plastic as a backdrop on a wall outside or in a garage that can be easily hosed out, and one for the ground if needed.

Ask all the party guests to come in old clothes and bring goggles. Round up anything 'messy' you can find for hours of fun, including washable paint in spray guns and piñatas. You can also set out large pieces of butcher's paper for group finger painting.

4. A superhero party

Superheros never go out of style, and children will love the excuse to dress up as their favourite action star.

Whether you hold the party at home, in a park, at the beach or hire a venue, the main ingredient here is the costumes. Invite guests to dress up before they come, or for some extra fun, hire, make or buy costumes and set up your own dress-up booth.

You can use superhero figurines for table settings, fix superhero capes to the backs of chairs, use paper lightning bolts, wands or bat signals as wall decorations, lay out superhero colouring books and do a treasure hunt for kryptonite (green-painted rocks) or pictures of villains.

5. A carnival party

If you feel like going all out and have a lot of guests to invite, set up your own carnival in the backyard. Great ideas for food and entertainment include a balloon artist, a hot dog stand, a mini jumping castle, a roving magician, a dress-up booth, a photo booth or even pony rides!

Selecting a theme for your child’s next birthday party can help to ensure all the guests are thoroughly entertained, and that your special birthday boy or girl has the time of their lives…until the next one!