What better excuse is there to throw a party than New Year's Eve? You can go all out with costumes, party food catering in Sydney and champagne to bring in the New Year with flair.

Here are five themes for New Year's Eve celebrations, to kick start your imagination and inspire you to get planning!

1. A disco ball

Everyone loves to groove to the music of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, so why not unleash your inner dancer with a fabulous disco ball? This is a theme you can create in your home or at a hired venue with a few simple highlights.

First of all, make it a costumed disco, by inviting guests to attend as their favourite stars of the disco era, including John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Diana Ross. The most essential props are, of course, a giant disco ball, strobe lights and plenty of space for a dance floor. Serve nibbles from the era, including fondue and devilled eggs.

2. A hula party

This theme is perfect if you live near the beach or have a swimming pool and a backyard to decorate. Because the weather will likely be hot, guests can go all out with Hawaiian-themed hula skirts, bikinis and flower leis.

Get the party started with a game of limbo, pull out the old Beach Boys CDs and serve fresh fruit platters and pineapple-inspired finger food. Mix up some tropical cocktails ready to toast as the clock strikes 12.

3. A razzle dazzle party

Who doesn't love glitter? This theme is all about the razzle dazzle and costumes can include anything that's more sparkly than the sparklers themselves! To create maximum shine at your house or venue, deck it out with as many props as you can.

Use metallic helium balloons, twinkling fairy lights and lanterns, tinsel curtains, glitter foil stars and, naturally, sprinklings of glitter on any surface you can be bothered cleaning up the next day! Serve sparkling champagne and top finger food with edible glitter and cake sprinkles.

4. A masked ball

Take a leaf out of the Venetian book and host your very own masked ball for a mysterious, glamorous party theme. To make it extra exciting, invite guests to disguise their identity as best they can, with masks and decadent costumes.

To create the effect of endless illusion, use soft lighting and deep colours, such as purple, green and royal blues for the décor. You can make your own masks and hang them from the ceiling or use them for table centrepieces.

Other props can include opulent silver chairs and Venetian columns, which you can hire from costume stores. When the clock strikes 12, have all your guests reveal their hidden identity.

5. An Aussie celebration

For an outdoor event that requires little more than a beach, park or backyard with a barbecue, throw a bash with an Aussie theme for a casual, but rollicking way to bring in the New Year. Hire a hot dog cart for easy catering that your guests will love, and provide beer, tropical punch and lamingtons for sweets.

Costume ideas include anything in green and gold, Akubras, cork slouch hats, Australian flags, Ned Kelly outfits and everyone's favourite sporting heroes. Get out the cricket bats, play pin the tail on the Kangaroo, and swim under the stars until midnight and the inevitable cheer of, “Happy New Year"