If you’re a true hot dog connoisseur, chances are you’ll want to serve them at your next party. But, why not go one step further and revolve the entire theme around your favourite food? From the active, to the funny and the ridiculous, here are five ways to throw a hot dog-themed party.

1. Hot dog costume party

You may not believe it, but the internet is awash with hot dog costumes for hire. Just imagine a room full of giant hot dogs, dancing, talking and eating. Are you laughing already? We thought so.

Though adults are likely to have just as much fun with the idea, it’s absolutely perfect for a kid’s party. To entice everyone to come as a hot dog (or even a relish) hold a competition for the most creative costume, and award a prize at the end of the night.

If you’re crafty, you can even make your own. Start with a tracksuit, pyjamas or tights and a top in red. Buy a thick, yellow fabric, like felt, and cut out a squiggly line to attach to the middle of your top as the mustard. For the bun, all you need to do is cut arm holes from a body-length piece of beige material and wear it like a jacket.

2. Hot dog trivia night

There are so many weird and wonderful facts about hot dogs, a trivia party is sure to last well into the wee hours. An MC can kick off the questioning and keep the night flowing. Provide paper and pens for your guests and prizes for the winners. After each round of questions, the MC can collect and tally up the answers, or guests can swap and mark each other’s.

If you’re serious about your hot dogs, revolve questions around statistics, toppings from around the world, competitions from the Guinness Book of Records, history and recipes. Or, throw in personal questions relating to your guests and food, to find out how well everyone knows each other, and have a few laughs!

3. Hot dog carnival

Everyone loves a carnival, and you can have one in your very own backyard. Hire a hot dog cart and decorate the venue with balloons, tablecloths and dinnerware in red, yellow and white to symbolise hotdogs, everyone’s favourite carnival food.

Roving entertainment works best to create a carnival vibe, so consider hiring clowns, musicians, balloon artists, face painters or character performers. Create different games areas with quoits, water balloon basketball, darts and a bean bag toss.

4.  Hot dog sports day

Your favourite food and sports go hand-in-hand, so this one’s a no-brainer. Step the theme up a notch by holding a hot dog eating competition as the main event. After all, eating quickly surely qualifies as a sport, right?

For guests not up to the challenge, take your cue from classic school sports days. Outdo each other in an egg and spoon, three-legged or sack race, have a tug of war, get out the skipping ropes and, on a hot day, don’t forget the slip and slide.

5. Hot dogs at the diner

You don’t need a 50s diner to host this party theme, as it works well indoors, in the backyard, at a park or on a verandah. The menu, which (you guessed it) includes hot dogs as the main meal, is your focal prop. You can easily design your own online, with vintage font, polka dots and stripes, or have them custom-made. Continue the retro theme with tablecloths and vintage posters. Depending on the size of your venue, costume hire stores offer gumball machines, jukeboxes and 50s paraphernalia to add to the décor.

As for you – the party host – unlimited hot dogs made by Yummy Dogs are the ultimate reward for your efforts!