Flags, fireworks and frivolity characterise Independence Day in America, and here in Australia, there’s no reason why we can’t raise a hot dog in celebration too! In fact, 4th of July events are popular in Sydney and right around the country as enthusiastic expats catch up over traditional food and games like beer pong.

So don your stars and stripes, and make a day of it with these ideas for a 4th of July celebration.

It’s all about baseball

There’s nothing more American than baseball, except for a hot dog cart! Combine them both for a picnic in the park and invite family and friends along. To add some extra entertainment, have your guests choose teams before-hand and come dressed in funny uniforms of their choice.

What if you don’t know how to play baseball? Just get yourself a bat and ball and prepare for even more hilarity. Chances are, the hot dogs and delicious hot dog toppings will distract everyone from the competition anyway!

Give the office party a different twist

The 4th of July is a fabulous theme for an office party – especially if you happen to have a few American expats on your staff!

Hire a hot dog cart, put on some American rock n roll music, and decorate with red, white and blue streamers and an American flag or two.

Throw a block party

In America, getting together with the whole neighbourhood is one of the most loved 4th of July events. Take the opportunity to bond with your neighbours by throwing a block party.

Go crazy with red, white and blue streamers and flags, by hanging them in trees, from light poles and over fences. Get some temporary spray paint and large stencils to cover your lawn in patriotic stars.

Keep the kids busy with sporting equipment, dress up clothes and games scattered throughout various front yards. Make the air fragrant with the smell of sausages by pitching in together for a hot dog stand. For the adults, fill buckets with cans of Budweiser and ice for easy access.

Break out the sparklers and turn on the fairy lights as night falls, for the perfect ending to the day.

Have a movie night

Summer is the time of big Hollywood blockbusters in the US, so the 4th of July is a perfect excuse for a movie night – even if we’re in the middle of winter here!

Head to the cinema for a marathon in comfort, or hold your own movie night at home, with a projector in the backyard and an outdoor heater or two, or a cosy set up in the lounge room. Popular movie choices could include Independence Day, Born on the 4th of July, Lincoln and The Patriot.

Oh, and did we mention hot dogs? Even without all the fanfare, it’s the humble dog that’s the true star attraction at any 4th of July party, no matter what country it’s celebrated in!

Get in touch if you’d like help catering for your 4th of July event – our hot dog carts have that traditional American feel and make it easy to feed any size crowd.