Who doesn’t love hot dogs? No matter where you go, you’re sure to find people wanting to get a bite or two of this delectable treat—be it at a nearby hot dog cart in New York, or at an corporate event in Sydney.

While our love for this street food may be universal, our preference towards how they are prepared can vary. Hot dogs are as versatile as they are delicious, and there’s more than one way to serve them, with each method creating a different taste and texture.

Here’s a roundup of the top ways to cook this beloved street food.

1. Grilling – Whether at a summer cookout or just a quick lunch at home, grilling hot dogs is one of the best ways to serve this tasty treat. Depending on the level or intensity of the heat, grilling results in the aroma and pleasant smoky taste many love. It also gives a nice crispy outer texture to the hot dog.

2. Steaming – Some mobile catering establishments that offer hot dogs in their menu heat these treats through steaming instead of grilling because it’s more convenient, especially when serving in indoor venues where smoke can be a concern. It’s also great for achieving an oil-free hot dog delight.

3. Boiling – The easiest method of them all, boiling is a straightforward approach to cooking our beloved dish. All you have to do is drop the hot dogs in a pot of boiling water, and voila!— your favourite snack is done. The best thing about boiling is that you can keep your sausages moist. You can also experiment and add flavour by boiling them in beer, broth or even wine.

4. Frying – For those of you who prefer a nice, crisp sausage skin and a hot and juicy interior, pan frying hot dogs may be your best bet. Though not as healthy as boiling, frying makes for a snappy bite. Cutting the sausages into small, bite-sized pieces before frying them is also a good idea. You can serve them as finger food in parties.

There are plenty of ways to prepare hot dogs. Of course, the method you choose would depend on how you’d like them to taste, the tools you have as well as the place where you’ll be cooking them.

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