How would you like some squid sashimi on your next hot dog? Every country has its own cultural flavours, and while our hot dog stands offer tomato sauce and delicious relishes, others have taken the humble dog to new extremes.

Here's a look at ten unusual ways to make a hot dog.

1. A Swedish spin

The Swedes are famous for their love of mashed potato and meatballs. We love our creamy mash too, but as a hot dog topping, we're not so sure. Prawn salad is another popular relish in Sweden. Um, yum?

2. Venezuela street food

Venezuela is a prime hub for street food. Weird and wonderful toppings for hot dogs include shredded carrot, crushed potato chips, French fries, corn, garlic sauce and tartare sauce.

3. Japanese flavour

The people of Japan love their hotdogs, but with an authentic twist to give them that distinctive, Japanese flavour. Imagine a seafood sausage, accompanied by squid sashimi, fermented soy beans, and seaweed for an extra health kick.

4. Japanese influence – without the fish

Staying with the flavours of Japan, Canadian street food company Japadog has been inspired to mix traditional Japanese food with hot dogs. Toppings include yakisoba noodles and flakes of bonito, with sauces such as wasabi. There’s even a tempura hot dog!

5. Brazilian bites

Brazilian hot dogs are absolutely bursting with fun, spicy and unusual ingredients. They load dogs up with red and green capsicum, hard-boiled eggs, corn, peas and French fries!

6. South Korean Dagwood-style

While it's not exactly a Dagwood dog, South Korea does offer a sausage on a stick. Rather than batter, this particular hot dog is wrapped in French fries before the deep frying begins.

7. Chinese dumpling delights

The Chinese have taken hot dogs to new heights by creating their own version in a dumpling. The popular way to make them is with small sausages surrounded by soft, dumpling-like dough.

8. Champagne and dogs in London

An eatery in London has taken the dog posh. Bubbledogs serves champagne with the humble hot dog, and there’s also a traditional fry up on offer – the breakie dogfeatures black pudding, fried egg, crispy bacon and tomato relish.

9. Phoenix food

The USA takes great pride in its hot dogs, and Phoenix is no exception. A popular local food truck called Short Leash creates an array of interesting treats, including Indian versions wrapped in naan and an award-winning dog with peanut butter, BBQ sauce, Cracker Jacks and shredded Gouda cheese.

10. Colorado creations

To top off our list, we discovered Biker Jim's restaurant, in Denver USA. Sausages are cooked via a traditional method and char-grilled. The difference is they're made of reindeer, yak and even rattlesnake! For toppings, diners can choose from Malaysian curry jam scallions, caramelised apples and wasabi aioli, among all the classic favourites.

So the next time you're travelling overseas, look out for weird and wonderful hotdogs to try, to give your travel stories an extra kick. And if you’re looking for a (dare we say it) more reliably yummy hot dog taste for your next event, we offer mobile catering in Sydney!