If you're ready to pop the bubbly and celebrate your engagement, it's time to plan the party! Decide on a date and the guest list, then focus on creating the perfect theme.

You might opt for a casual affair, or decide on something a little more extravagant. After all, getting engaged is one of the most exciting and significant life events there is!

Here are three party ideas to get you started on celebrating in style.

Shabby chic garden party

The great thing about a shabby chic garden party is that you can host it in a park or formal garden, or in your own backyard. Hire a tent or marquee, and decorate in a style that evokes a bygone era.

Pull together items such as milk crates and mismatched chairs, paisley tablecloths, decorative birdcages, and old-fashioned crockery in a variety of patterns. Print vintage images, like retro vegemite, jelly and hotdog advertisements, to use as placemats or to decorate the walls.

Make your party food catering in Sydney simple and fuss free, and tie it into the theme. Vintage champagne and whiskey cocktails are perfect drinks for the adults, while a lemonade stand can work for the kids.

Borrow from Bollywood

If you really love explosions of colour, vibrant music and eccentric costumes, look to India for a prime example of a theme that is all about 'too much is never enough'. A Bollywood-themed engagement party allows you to let your imagination run wild.

Think bright magenta, blue, yellow, purple and orange for sari-inspired tablecloths, floral arrangements, lanterns, candleholders, chair covers and tableware. Have turbans and saris for your guests to dress up in, or invite them to arrive in costume. Offer lots of bangles that can be layered together for that traditional look, and hire a henna tattoo artist for real authenticity.

Set up a dance floor and hire a DJ with all the latest Bollywood hits to get everyone on their feet. You might even consider having a dance instructor to teach everyone a simple Bollywood routine!

Have an island sunset celebration

Sunset might just be the most romantic time of day, and it certainly makes a fantastic backdrop for your engagement party photos. Head to the beach, river or lake a couple of hours before sunset, and create your own island paradise based on your favourite destination.

Incorporate Hawaiian or Balinese themes with grass skirts, leis, frangipanis strewn across the ground, and paper lanterns on tree branches. Put up colourful umbrellas for shade during the day and fairy lights for once it gets dark.

A hot dog cart is a fantastic outdoor option, especially for lots of guests, and beverages can include exotic fruit cocktails with mango and pineapple.

As an engagement party is the beginning of your wedding festivities, the most important thing is to make sure you enjoy yourself. Unleash your creative flair, but keep the organisation simple and stress free for party memories that will last a lifetime.