Aussies are obsessed with the great outdoor BBQ, and now that summer is here, it’s time to brush up on your skills so you can host the best one on the block! Crack a cold one, sit back and check out our tips for holding the perfect Aussie barbie.

1. Set the scene

Other than beer and food, the whole point of an Aussie BBQ is to have a casual catch up with friends and family. While the dress code is thongs, singlets and swimmers if you have a pool, setting the scene is still important.

Make sure you have plenty of seating, so no one has to do that half sitting, half standing pose on the fence.  Don’t forget the little (but very important) details like napkins or paper towels, condiments and eskies full of ice for drinks.

2. Have a condiment bar

Anyone can put a bottle of tomato sauce on the table, but why follow the crowd? When you really want to impress your guests, set up a condiment bar.

There’s nothing better than slathering a steak in delicious relishes, popping a pickle or two on a burger, or spicing up a salad with jalapeno peppers. Luckily, we have you covered with our range of versatile relishes, made to traditional family recipes. And because they come in catering sizes, there’ll be plenty left over for those who just love to eat it straight from the jar!

3. Don’t forget the sides

It’s easy to forget about side dishes, when meat fever hits. But every great BBQ has them, so don’t skimp on the salad. Veggies are always a hit, so throw on some onions, corn on the cob or capsicum.

4. Getting the meat right

If you’re going for traditional barbecue fare, the first thing is to ensure the grill is already hot before you throw the meat on. Never cook meat straight out of the fridge, to avoid a charcoal coating on a raw centre. When it’s time for the snags, watch them closely, as too much heat can make the skin burst.

And if this all sounds like too much hard work and you just want to sit back and relax, why not hire a hot dog cart for your barbecue? Hot dogs are a great twist on the traditional barbecue, and are ideal for relaxed catering. Our juicy hot dogs are paired with a variety of our relishes, packed full of simple flavours and cooked to perfection. You’ll definitely be the talk of the neighbourhood for setting the bar extra high this summer!

5. Offer activities other than eating and drinking

Eating and drinking are the main events, but kids and big kids at heart love some entertainment. Have footballs, Frisbees or water pistols on hand for those feeling active. Organise a few runs of backyard cricket, or get everyone laughing with a game of Twister. Make a playlist with upbeat tunes and place decks of cards or funny board games on the tables.

If you’re continuing the great Aussie barbecue tradition this summer, these five tips can help you put on an event your guests will love, and look forward to next year!