How do you turn a boring office party into an occasion everyone can't wait to attend? Throw an office Hot Dog Day! Whether the event is for a birthday, to celebrate a win or to show appreciation for a job well done, a Hot Dog Day adds a splash of fun and creates a party atmosphere.

However, you don't want to just bang a sausage in a bun and hang a few balloons from the ceiling, so here's a connoisseur's guide to creating the ultimate Hot Dog Day.

Choose an interesting location

While it may seem the easiest option to hold your Hot Dog Day at the office, you run the risk of staff 'talking shop' rather than bonding in a social environment. Take everyone out of the workplace for a truly memorable event. You can hire a venue, or, if the budget is tight, simply choose a park, beach or even someone's backyard to turn into the party zone.

Create a festive environment with decorations

Decorate your venue to enhance the party vibe. We're not talking balloons and streamers here either. Picking an overall theme for décor is an easy way to make your venue stand out and show staff appreciation by putting time and effort into the atmosphere.

Choose a colour scheme and a theme for props. For example, a Hot Dog Day lends itself to red and yellow – think American diner style – and retro items such as checked table cloths, glass jars or bottles with striped straws, and bunting flags strewn through the trees or hanging on the walls.

Go gourmet with a hot dog stand

As the hot dog is the main feature of your office party, hire a catered hot dog stand to serve quality hot dogs with a range of scrumptious relishes. Staff will love the gourmet taste, and how easy they are to eat without the need for cutlery or plates. And with hot dogs being cooked and served fresh on site, it doesn’t matter how many hungry mouths you have to feed!

Plan fun activities

The reason office parties can seem so dull is that there's often nothing to do but stand around and talk, which is much the same as lunchtime at work. Plan fun activities that everyone can take part in, such as sporting games, a photo booth with fancy dress costumes, a hot dog eating competition or a trivia battle.

Don't forget the music

A party quite simply isn't a party without music. It creates instant atmosphere and keeps the environment energetic and upbeat. A fantastic way to include staff is to ask everyone to provide two or three of their favourite songs for the playlist. This way, everyone gets to hear what they want, it gives guests something fun to talk about, and they'll look forward to discovering what music their colleagues enjoy.

When you follow our connoisseur's guide for your office Hot Dog Day, you'll be giving your staff a party to remember, as well as a new appreciation for gourmet hot dogs!