Whether you want to launch a new product, attract new clients or congratulate employees for a job well done, a corporate event gives you the power to do so.

However, holding a successful event does take quite a lot of planning and creativity. Here’s our handy checklist of key things to consider in the planning stage to help you get started.

Pinpoint your target audience

First up, the most important factor is to identify your audience so you can give them what they want in an event. For example, if your company is launching a family-friendly product or service, you might hold an outdoor event at a local park. Entertainment for children, fun catering like a hot dog cart with relishes, and organised games will attract your target market.

Make detailed lists

Like anything, running a successful event comes down to the little details. Start making lists from the outset, with dated headings to ensure you don’t miss anything crucial. Headings can include location, catering, entertainment, décor ideas and seating requirements. This helps to give you a ‘big picture’ idea of what’s needed overall, so you can implement action steps.

Set a realistic budget

A corporate event may not be a big success if the budget blows out. Once you have an idea of all the basic elements you need, develop a financial plan to cover it before booking or paying for anything.

Get the right people on board

No matter how big or small your event, having the right team of people to help makes all the difference. An ‘event team’ could range from volunteers to help on the day, to contractors, caterers or marketing professionals. Select your team based on positive attitudes and a variety of skills, so your events runs without a hitch.

Put your creative hat on

A successful event is one that stands out from the pack and ensures people talk about it for days. Think outside the box in order to offer something different. Examples include unique décor that highlights your theme or goal, inventive lighting and performance options, and event catering in Sydney that’s fun and enticing to your audience.

Follow a marketing plan

There’s no point holding an event unless people know about it, right? With social media, email, signage, radio advertisements, press releases and invitations sent early, this is easier than you think. The key is to stay on top of it right up until the day, so you generate as much interest as possible.

Put on your best smile

Whether your guests are employees, clients or potential investors, offering excellent service throughout your event keeps everyone happy. Make sure your team has the necessary skills to keep their cool, and ensure guests have what they need for an enjoyable time.

Follow through with guests

Finally, following up with guests after the event helps cement the experience. Do this by sending thank you emails, notifications offering free trails, discounts, and deals, or information about future events.

You’ll also gather valuable feedback, which will help ensure your next corporate event is even better than the last.