What could be more Aussie than a backyard bash? Whether it’s a neighbourhood get-together, a birthday party or just an excuse to crack a cold one, a theme adds extra fun. Take advantage of the mild temperatures before winter hits to throw an outdoor party with one of these five themes.

1. Street fair fun

Get the neighbours involved and have a street fair. Spread the event over a few backyards or driveways to create a large space for festivities, and set up traditional carnival stalls like a ring or beanbag toss, hit the balloon with a dart, face painting, and guess how many lollies are in the jar. Continue the carnival theme with a hot dog stand for an easy and tasty way to feed all your guests.

String fairy lights, bunting, balloons and flags across trees, doorways and light poles. Fold-up camping chairs and tables are ideal, so guests can move about as they choose. Don’t forget the music, for dancing in the street!

2. Haunted house

With a few tents and strategically placed props, it’s easy to create your own haunted house in the backyard! This is a great idea for a children’s party, however you can tweak it for adults too.

Choose to decorate a large marquee, or set up individual tents with different names, such as ‘ghost parlour’, ‘monster mania’ or ‘witches den’. Find a spooky soundtrack for instant atmosphere. Pop into your local costume store for scary props, such as masks, cobwebs, skeletons, lights and fog machines. Setting up will be half the fun.

3. Revolving doors

This is another party you can organise with the neighbours, or friends and family who live nearby. Choose three or four backyards to host different events at the same time. Each host chooses their own theme, keeping it as a surprise for the other guests.

Once the surprise events have been revealed, it’s just the beginning! Hop between venues and indulge in the variety, fun and excitement of going to a few different parties, all in the same night. For families, create child-friendly spaces at each house and the kids will never want the celebrations to end.

4. Walk-in movies

It’s always fun to go to the drive-in, so why not create your very own walk-in theatre, in the backyard? Hire an outdoor movie screen and projector, or just set up the flat screen TV in an undercover area.

The next step is to choose a theme. Would your friends like to step back in time with black and white classics, get cosy with romantic comedies or scare each other silly with horror flicks?

5. Wine tasting extravaganza

When you can’t wait to indulge in a bit of glitz and glamour in the garden, opt for a wine tasting party. Each guest brings their favourite bottle, to be shared among the party. Set up a table to display each variety, with tasting cups and a dedicated sommelier.

If wine is your thing, this is the theme for you. Just remember to be at the front of the line before it all runs out!