Those of us who love relish secretly eat it straight from the jar – when no one’s looking of course! It’s no wonder, therefore, that this condiment has superhero abilities when it comes to turning everyday dishes into taste sensations.

Whether you like it sweet, spicy, crunchy or hot, there’s a perfect relish to suit your tastebuds. Here are 10 ways to enjoy it.

1. Slather on hot dogs

Sure, you can put mustard or tomato sauce on hot dogs, but relish takes your favourite snack food to a whole new level. Whether it’s fruity and mild or robust and chunky, the hot dog toppings Sydney does best comes in the form of relish.  

2. Spice up salads

You’ll never eat a boring salad again when you bring relish into the mix. For example, mix sweet green relish through potato salad, or blend corn relish with salad dressing for extra zing and crunch.

3. Go gourmet with sandwiches

A ham, cheese and tomato sandwich is one thing. Add a dollop of relish, whether it’s sweet, spicy or crunchy, and turn a basic lunch staple into a meal worthy of gourmet restaurant status.

4. Perk up pork

Do you love pork, ham and bacon? Imagine adding a dash of hot pepper relish to add spice, richness and texture. Or, choose a sweet relish as a side for your next family roast.

5. Balance cheese dishes

Cheese connoisseurs always want to eat more of it, but it’s often so rich that it’s hard to take another bite. Relish balances out richness with a tangy flavour hit, for platters, toasted sandwiches, pizza toppings, dips and more.

6. Kick up vegetarian meals

It can be a little tricky preparing vegetarian dishes with enough kick to tempt the tastebuds. Whether you’re serving veggie burgers, frittatas, quiche, muffins or salads, relish brings the texture, flavour and a burst of colour.

7. Add flavour to fish

What could be better on a hot summer’s day, then fresh, grilled fish? Fresh, grilled fish with a generous smear of relish! Actually, even a basic tuna and lettuce sandwich turns into a feast with a sprinkle of pickles and your choice of relishes.

8. Dress up dips

Next time you’re having a party, there’s no need to agonise over which gourmet dips to buy. Simply stock up on cream cheese and an array of relishes, such as corn or hot pepper relish, to make your own fresh ones. All you have to do is stir the relish through…and enjoy.

9. Put the bite in burgers

Everyone loves a burger, but it’d be nice to try something different, right? Relish puts the bite in your burger, with hints of everything nice, including sweet, sour and spice. Try a breakfast burger, with bacon, egg, cheese and rich hamburger relish, and you’ll never look back.

10. Beef up barbecues

Next time you’re trying to outdo the neighbours with the best barbecue yet, head to a wholesale relish supplier in Sydney. Set up a ‘serve yourself’ relish buffet and watch everyone line up to get a taste. Smother it over pork chops, kebabs, fish, steak, or sausages, or use it as a dip for chips, crackers, cheese and vegetable sticks. 

Just remember to hide some for a sneaky taste straight from the jar, after everyone’s gone home!