A milestone birthday is a great reason to throw a party and it’s worth every bit of the significant organisation involved. That is, every bit other than the gigantic hole a big bash tends to blow in the budget!

But never fear. With a little bit of creativity and a few handy tricks, you can certainly throw an elaborate party to remember forever - without breaking the bank!

21 - Epic dance party

As the first really big milestone, we tend to pull out all stops for 21st birthdays, with family and friends attending from far and wide. One thing people of all ages love to do (or at least watch!) is dancing.

When you theme your party around dance, you can forget entertainment and let the guests do it for you. Pinpoint a genre, like hip hop or salsa, or go for a mix to keep everyone happy. All you really need is a venue with space for a dance floor, a DJ or playlist and sound equipment.

As for food, sweaty dancers won’t want a sit-down meal. Opt for finger food catering in Sydney, so they can grab a bite between busting the moves. Keep decor easy by theming the event with the birthday star’s favourite colours. Finally, use those dance spotlights to highlight the speeches.

30 - Cheers and beers (or wine)

Saying goodbye to your 20s is often the hardest decade to let go of. Serious adulthood might be looming, but that doesn’t mean your party can’t be pure frivolity. To save money, invite guests to forget about gifts and, instead, bring along craft beer or boutique wines for everyone to enjoy together. Set up tasting stands and let the games begin!

Speaking of games, whether you hold the party in a backyard or at a function venue, decorate tables with easy entertainment, like cards, Jenga or Junk Art. Pop on some tunes and consider turning sandwiches or barbecue meats into gourmet delights with toppings from a wholesale relish supplier in Sydney.

40 - Sporty forty

Whoever the birthday guy or gal is, chances are they have a favourite sport or hobby. Theming your party around this is a special treat for them. However, it also gives everyone something to do, without needing expensive venues, entertainment or trips away to an exotic locale.

A park or backyard is entirely free, so all you need to do is gather supplies for the chosen sport. These can include equipment for everyone to play tennis, soccer, cricket, bocce, darts or a mix of a few favourites. Decorate with paraphernalia from the sport and get a hot dog cart for mid-match feasts.

50 - Golden years

Fifty is the new 40, and it’s nice to have an elegant party for at least one of your milestones, right? Take full advantage of the fact that 50 is supposed to mark the ‘golden years’ of life, with comfort, contentment and indulgent behaviour at the forefront.

Theming your venue appropriately couldn’t be easier. Think lush and decadent, but ‘on a budget’ items, like gold balloons, table runners, vases, candles and lanterns. Go for comfortable yet elegant seating like couches covered in gold material. Choose music to suit a vibe of lounging, laughing and indulging, such as Bossa Nova or jazz.

No matter how you choose to celebrate milestone birthdays, your big bash doesn’t require a hefty price tag to create memories that last a lifetime!