So, it’s your birthday, anniversary or yearly office bash and you know it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in your favourite treat…hot dogs! We hear you loud and clear, so we’ve come up with three perfect party themes to ensure your beloved snack food is the star attraction.

1. Football party

If there’s a big game coming up, you’ve already scored a touchdown with this party idea. If not, who needs the pros when you can play your own game? Host your football party in the living room, the backyard, a park, or a hired venue with a big screen to watch the match.

Invite your guests to come dressed in their favourite team’s jersey, and enjoy the fireworks of competitive banter. Whether it’s inside or out, you’ll find decorating your venue super easy – just incorporate the team colours.

As for catering, give your party guests the authentic experience of a day at the footy with – drumroll please – a hot dog cart! Make sure it takes prime position near the screen, or on the sidelines of your own game in the park.

2. Retro rocking’ party

It’s time to dust off the dancing shoes for a retro rocking’ party, where your hot dog stand will be right at home! Think 1950s American diner vibe, in a function space, garden or even your own garage. As the era of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Buddy Holiday, this theme lends itself perfectly to a costume party.

Don’t feel like dressing up? Bring the theme alive with music from the greats and dances like the twist and the limbo. Hire a jukebox and use colour palettes of hot pink and black, or red and white.

Set tables with gingham cloths, use striped straws in soda fountain glasses and serve snacks in red plastic baskets. To keep the fun going all night long, scatter working props about, including retro sunglasses, roller skates and hula-hoops.

3. Backyard bonanza party

What’s a backyard bonanza? Anything you want it to be really, but big, loud and extravagant is the key. A bonanza is an unexpected splash of good fortune and that’s exactly what you’re aiming to create for your party guests!

How do you make them feel like they’ve struck it lucky? Firstly, and most importantly, go for gold with party food catering in Sydney. Forget the average hot dog and offer a gourmet option including scrumptious relishes, so everyone gets to try something new.

Live entertainment always gets the party started, and guests love to be surprised with a show. Depending on the demographic of your guests, choose singers, musicians, clowns, acrobats or magicians. If price is an issue, you’ll be surprised at how many fantastic local performers you can find, with affordable hourly rates.

In terms of games, treasure hunts aren’t just for the kids! Hide small prizes around your backyard or venue, like boxes of chocolates, mini champagne bottles, coasters, scented candles or gourmet mixed nuts, and advise guests on arrival. Each time someone finds a hidden treasure, they have to yell “Bonanza!”

With all that going on, chances are you’ll be left to your own devices and you can eat as many hot dogs as you like!