We’re willing to bet you loved pool parties as a kid, right? As we head into the sizzling temps of summer, why not re-live your water-filled memories with a pool party bash for adults too?

Here’s how to celebrate summer with a splash.

Pool party themes

Throw a pool party for no other reason but to rejoice in summer, if you wish. However, a pool is also a fantastic venue for an end-of-year office party or a Christmas gathering. Choose an exciting theme based around the reason for your party and get set to impress your guests.

For an explosion of colour and fun, a Hawaiian theme fits the bill. Your guests get to don flowery shirts and grass skirts, and you can decorate with coconuts, pineapples and tiki torches. Or, how about a Mexican fiesta, with sombreros to keep the sun at bay and pinatas filled with adult goodies?

To take advantage of balmy nights, dress your pool area in twinkling fairy lights, flickering lanterns and glow-in-the-dark décor. If you have room, set up a projector and host a ‘movies under the stars’ bash, where guests can choose to lounge on bean bags or float in the pool while the movie’s playing.

Pool party catering in Sydney

Summer food by the pool is all about simplicity and, most importantly, ease of catering for you as the host. How about a hot dog stand to send everyone’s taste buds into overdrive? Yummy Dogs is also a wholesale relish supplier if you want a little help to turn ordinary sandwiches or barbecue meats into something special.

In terms of drinks, set up a dedicated table so guests can help themselves, or stock buckets of ice with your favourite beverages and place them in easy access of the pool. You can also source floating drink holders so guests don’t even need to leave the water in order to quench their thirst.

Pool party games

Just a pool, drinks and hot dogs ensure your guests have a great time. However, you can up the ante and keep everyone amused by organising games in the pool. Remember the pool pony craze? Inflatable games have come a long way since then and they offer hours of pool party fun.

Buy a floating ping pong table and arrange competitive matches. You can also set up a volleyball net across your pool and play with a beach ball to avoid any mishaps. For a budget option, make use of those neglected pool noodles, balance on them and race each other to the end. If relaxation is the name of the game, get a range of inflatable loungers in the shape of swans, sharks and shells. This way, you’ll add a festive vibe to your party décor and guests can happily recline all day.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, decorated and organised catering, what’s left to do? Nothing! Just dive in and celebrate summer with a splash!