Celebrating company achievements and milestones with employees is one of the easiest yet oft-neglected ways to let them know how much you appreciate their contribution to the organisation’s success.

While it would be great to reward the team with cash or an all-expense paid holiday trip, there’s actually no need to break the bank when honouring the company and staff. A few creative gestures can come a long way. Here are 5 ideas to get you started.

1. Organise a food festival – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. The team that eats together stays together. There’s no better way to show appreciation and bond with your employees than through sharing delectable dishes. Don’t stick to just one type of cuisine, though; instead, feature an assortment of food that appeals to your employees. Include the best-loved Asian dishes, Italian food, and haute cuisine. Complete the festival with a hot dog cart, popcorn stand and other street favourites.

2. Introduce flexible work hours – It’s a fact of life: given the chance, nobody would want to get up early to work the 9-to-6 shift. If you don’t have a flexible work program yet, consider introducing it in time for the event you’re celebrating. Give your employees the chance to work when they want to work, provided, of course, that they accomplish their assigned tasks efficiently. You can assign an entire week of flexible working. See how productivity and employee morale shoot up from there.

3. Put up your own ‘Wheel of Fortune’ – Another great idea is to buy a prize wheel and label it with different prizes such as ‘Free Massage,’ ‘Half-day Friday,’ ‘Fuel Card or Transportation Passes,’ ‘Free Movie’ and other exciting perks. Every day (or each week) leading up to your important event, have each of your staff spin the wheel as you gather around and cheer on.

4. Host a fun, family day – Free up your schedule and organise a family day for your employees in your workplace or in another venue. Make sure to have lots of games to keep the kids entertained and serve delicious food as well. You can find a host of companies offering family-friendly event catering in Sydney and other Australian locations.

5. Organise your own FedEx Day – Invented by the folks at Atlassian, a Sydney-based software company, a FedEx Day is a 24-hour event in which employees are given time-off from their regular tasks to innovate and work on new ideas or projects related to the company’s products or services. This type of event can help foster creativity and innovation within the organisation and simply inject some sense of fun in the usual, humdrum of daily work.

Don’t let the daily grind in the office keep you from making your employees feel special and valued. Use any of these five tips to tell your staff you care.

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