If you’re holding a business-related event, don’t be tempted to offer the same tired old finger food. It’s getting rather boring, and it makes your occasion just like all the others. Instead, why not go for a radical shake-up, and a real boost in the quality of your food?

Introducing the alternative

Enter the hot dog. Hot dogs are the bomb, especially the fresh traditional version created by Yummy Dogs, served on preservative-free buns with our range of bespoke home-made relishes based on family recipes that date back to 1948.

There are even breakfast dogs for morning gatherings (bacon and eggs), and vegetarian dogs, all served from a stand-alone hot dog cart or the smaller hot dog stand.

There is no need for kitchen facilities or even plates and cutlery, there’s plenty of napkins on hand. It’s a fun pop-up, and just by having the brightly decorated cart in place and the tantalising aroma of fresh hot dogs in the air, your event will have a fun and relaxed vibe right from the start.

Ideal for any occasion

Hot dogs are handheld entertainment for any event. They are especially good when you need to feed large numbers of people quickly. And who doesn’t love a free hot dog – we see people coming back for second helpings all the time because it’s such good fun and such good food!

Events can be indoors or outdoors, the hot dog stand is assembled onsite and folds to fit through a doorway if necessary, so there is no limit to where you stage your event. You can also hold it in the office if you choose, because there’s no smoke involved in the cooking process, smoke alarms or sprinklers won’t be triggered and dampen the party atmosphere.

Here are five events that are perfect for the hot dog cart.

1. Store openings

Put your shop on the map immediately with a fun party and a hot dog stand. People will flock in for a free gourmet hotdog with all the trimmings, giving you the chance to encourage them to look around and see what you offer.

2. Product launches

You’ve worked hard to bring your new product to market, and all you need now is a big crowd of eager buyers. With a Yummy Dogs cart, you’ll certainly be drawing them in.

3. Exhibitions and open days

Some exhibitions or open days can have thousands of people through the gates on any one day. No problem, Yummy Dogs can cope with high volume and keep everyone happy. The good thing is that once they have a hot dog in hand and have chosen their relish, your guests can easily wander and socialise at will. Those black-tie and white-shirt waiters are not required, and everyone gets to eat well.

4. Entertain your clientele

Hot dogs are fun. Wether you want to entertain potential clients or business partners in your office or showroom, hot dogs are a fun drawcard that helps everyone to relax and have a good time.

5. Monthly hot dog days for staff

Why not reward your employees with a hot dog day? Your people work hard, and a hot dog day can get everyone enjoying themselves and socialising. Happy staff are a more productive team. If you do this once a month, it can become a regular event that everyone looks forward to.

So no matter the occasion or the business event, spice it up with a whole new way of looking at catering – hot dogs!