July is less than a month away. For hot dog lovers in Sydney and around the world, this could only mean one thing: National Hot Dog Month! And what better way to celebrate this unique food holiday than by organising a fun hot dog party?

Excited already? From figuring out the logistics to setting up a hot dog stand, here are 5 simple steps to help you throw a terrific and tasty hot dog party.

Set the date, time and place

July 23, or the National Hot Dog Day designated by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, falls on a weekday this year. Great for an office party. You can pick different dates during July to dedicate your love for this tasty treat. Weekend afternoons are also a good time to host a party as most people don’t have work or school. If you want a fuss-free private celebration, you can book a restaurant or a bar for your venue. But hosting the party at home can be equally enjoyable as well.

Invite colleagues and friends

When it comes to hot dog parties, the more friends you invite the merrier. You can send e-invites or create an event on Facebook for your guests. If your friends have kids, you can also let them bring their tiny tots. After all, what kid doesn’t like hot dogs?

Prepare fun activities

Eating contests, face painting, and trivia quizzes and games are only some of the activities you can prepare to make your party more lively and interesting.  

Put up a hot dog stand

Nothing can make your party more authentic and memorable than by having your own hot dog cart on standby. While you can cook and serve your own sausages in a DIY bar or cart, nothing beats having quality sausages served fresh by real hot dog experts like Yummy Dogs, Sydney’s trusted hot dog party catering specialist. We cater for both private and corporate functions and can give you a convenient and hassle-free service. Read through our client testimonials to learn how we added a dose of fun and flavour to our customers’ parties.

Don’t forget your props

A party won’t be a party without some accessories. Don’t forget to decorate your venue with balloons, chalkboards and signs, photo booth props and more.

Organising a party need not be a pain. These tips will help you get all the tasks done, from inviting friends to choosing a mobile catering specialist. So have fun and enjoy!

Got more tips to add? Don’t forget to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.