When it comes to weddings, anything goes. Outdoor or indoor venues, garden or beach settings, formal or casual dress codes, heels or barefoot, home cooked or event catering in Sydney, haute cuisine or comfort food. 

But while each wedding is different, there are a few similar things most couples want to have on their special day: great company, great weather and great food.

And if you’re looking for fresh wedding food ideas for your big day, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a roundup of the latest wedding food trends you should try out. 

Food Carts and Trucks

An ice cream truck serving soft ice cream in delectable flavours; a hot dog cart offering authentic hot dog sandwiches using different types of meat and mouth-watering relishes; a taco truck giving out unlimited tacos in chicken, beef or pork fillings; and a coffee and donut cart serving specialty coffee with hot and fresh donuts – who said food on wheels have no place in weddings? We’ve been seeing more and more of these in weddings and everybody seems to be loving them. They’ve certainly become one of the hottest wedding food trends today.

Fresh and Local

To make their wedding truly unique, many couples are choosing to feature fresh food that are made right at the venue and served hot. Others are also wanting to get local caterers and food service providers who also source locally. 

Food Experience

Sit down and wait to be served food that was prepared in the closed-door back kitchen? Not anymore. Couples now want their guests to get more involved when it comes to the food they eat at the wedding reception. From watching chefs prepare food right in front of you, to choosing the specific ingredients that goes into your food – these are great wedding food ideas that most couples have used. 

Late Night Snacks

Weddings can be pretty exhausting, not only for the newly-weds but for the guests as well, because of the many things that are squeezed into just one day. So to cap the night off, late night snacks can be served for guests to reinvigorate them after all the dancing and drinking they were doing.

A wedding is a great celebration of a couple’s start of their life together. Attended by family and friends, it’s a fun and memorable event for everyone. With these wedding food ideas, your big day can be made even more special for you and your guests.

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