“It was just another party. We left early.”

You don’t want to hear these words from your guests after going to your party. You want your party to be a great event that will leave everyone still talking about it after days.

So how do you achieve this?

Don’t go with the usual.

Go with non-traditional catering for your party.

Here are some unique catering ideas you can try.

Food Station

Ditch that one big buffet table where all of the party food is served and go instead for food stations offering different food options. You can even go for stations where guests can see the chef preparing the food right in front of them and where guests can customise their food. Much like seeing delicious hot dog being prepared, with different choice of relishes, out of an original hot dog cart.

Finger Food

There’s nothing like eating with your hands, and finger foods make this possible during parties. This is another great food idea to try out at your next event. You can offer comfort food, served in mini sizes to make it easy to hold and easy to munch on. You can even have canapés served with mini cocktails or drinks.

Healthy Food

Healthy food choices are all the rave these days and many are incorporating these into parties everywhere, much to the delight of your vegetarian and gluten-sensitive friends. But healthy doesn’t necessarily mean unappetizing.  There are great healthy food options now that you can include in your menu that will leave everyone grabbing for more, like the gluten-free hot dog sausages from Yummy Dogs.

Signature Drinks

Instead of having an open bar that houses drinks you can easily get from your local bar, opt for signature drinks to serve. This way you can add your personal style to the cocktails that your guests can devour at the event.

At your next event, make your food and drinks be the highlight of the party. Try out these non-traditional unique catering ideas to have your guests enjoy the party that’s not like any other.

At Yummy Dogs we offer mobile catering in Sydney and serve delicious gluten-free hot dog sandwiches with authentic relishes and toppings right out of our original hot dog stand. Call us if you want to have a hot dog food station at your party for your event or corporate catering in Sydney.