It’s our 10th birthday here at Yummy Dogs, and we're in the mood to reminisce and celebrate! Yummy Dogs has come a long way in that time, and we're very proud of it.

We love working with our customers and their guests face-to-face. Every day, every event is different.

Most of all, we love seeing the smiles when guests see our Cart or Stand as soon as they walk into the function. When they get to create their own hot dog. The even bigger smiles when they come back for another one.

To mark the occasion, here's a sneak peek into the Yummy Dogs world, from challenges to memorable moments and what’s in store for the future.

Challenges and changes across 10 years in business

Rewind back to 2009, and it was quite a challenge to set up a catering business in Sydney purely offering hot dogs. The hot dog had a pretty bad reputation in Australia back then - a red-skinned sausage with questionable ingredients, slathered in tomato sauce and mustard. It was a snack to gobble down at a sporting match, not a treat to serve at a function to impress guests.

It took a lot of hard work to educate customers about the power of a real, original hot dog made with quality ingredients. But, with an eye-catching hot dog cart, customer-focused service, authentic condiments, relishes and top-notch ingredients, it wasn’t long before people were convinced. These days, there are no boundaries in terms of the types of functions Yummy Dogs caters for. From art gallery openings to CEO board meetings, we’ve done it all.

Most memorable functions

We’ve experienced many memorable moments - A function at singer George Michael's Palm Beach house in 2013. The "quick" lunchtime event for a bank, where we ended up serving 1,200 hot dogs in under two hours! Or the Saturday night’s in winter, where we served free hot dogs to people in need at Sydney’s Martin Place. For us, no matter where we cater, the most memorable thing is that people love and appreciate our food.

Relishing the difference of Yummy Dogs

Our customers like the uniqueness and the authenticity of our product - that's what makes Yummy Dogs successful. We didn’t re-invent anything, we just took a product and made it nice, we made it the way it should be. As far as we're aware, we’re still the only hot dog caterer in the country that offers the authentic condiments and relishes, served by vendors just like they are in restaurants and on the streets of New York, Chicago or Toronto.

Our clients love the fact that their guests can be creative, get involved and build their own hot dogs by helping themselves from our condiment buffet. This puts a fun spin on the usual event catering food. When you have a good product and provide great service - you can’t go wrong.

 The future of Yummy Dogs

So, we’ve made good progress over the past 10 years in freeing Australia from bad dogs and bland food - but it's a big country and we can’t do it alone! That's why we have started to supply other hot dog vendors, sandwich bars, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses with our own range of authentic relish, peppers and pickle products. They are not just for Hot Dogs. Our products are enormously versatile, packed with flavor and designed to spice up every kind of food - continuing our mission to pack a flavourful Australian punch.

Now and into the future, we’re focused on growing this side of the business, as we ship our goods all over the country including some well-known food and entertainment outlets.

So, if you’re a food business operator and your menu is in need of a makeover – contact us. If it’s savoury, we’ve got it covered, as we have over the past 10 delicious years!