Wedding trends change from year to year, often stemming from how celebrities celebrate their big days. But whether you choose to take inspiration from the rich and famous or go all out with your own ideas, 2019 is about throwing tradition to the wind.

Let's take a look at some of the top trends for this year.

1. Daytime functions

More often than not, weddings traditionally take place in the afternoon with an evening reception. While a sunset event certainly brings romance, after-hours pricing can raise the cost. Daytime weddings help stretch the budget further, which is one reason why they’re gaining in popularity. Choose a morning ceremony and a brunch or lunch reception, then head off on that honeymoon with some extra spending money.

2. Interactive catering

While tradition suggests a sit-down meal for your wedding reception, trends are leaning towards interactive event catering. When you make food more of an experience, you’ll also add to the entertainment value of your event. Why not give your guests a treat with an eye-catching hot dog stand, complete with a buffet of delicious relishes to choose from? They’ll get to create their own masterpieces, rather than simply picking between the usual chicken or beef dish.

3. Quirky entertainment

We’ve all been to weddings where the DJ or band didn’t quite live up to expectations. You can avoid an overload of 80s soundtracks (unless you really love them), with this year’s trend of quirky entertainment. Like catering, couples are choosing interactive forms of entertainment, like magicians, silent discos, temporary tattoo bars and roving performers.

4. Eco-friendly weddings

Princess Eugenie’s wedding highlighted the trend towards eco-conscious functions, particularly with regard to invitations, decor and flowers. Ditch paper invites for digital ones, hire reusable items instead of buying new ones, use solar-powered lights, give edible favours to guests and opt for in-season blooms rather than flowers that have to be flown in.  

5. Bold flower arrangements

In keeping with the non-traditional wedding, it seems that perfectly arranged flowers for table settings and bouquets are out for 2019. Instead, couples are opting for wildflowers and bold colours to set a festive scene. Popular choices include lilies, orchids, succulents and even berries.

6. Relaxed seating

The days of finding your allocated place card and sitting next to strangers at weddings might be over, for this year at least. Fitting with the theme of interactive food, seating options are set to be much more relaxed. Think outside the box and use cushions, crates, bench seats, bar stools or retro lounge chairs for guests to eat, mingle and be merry wherever they like.

7. Pets on the guest list

For couples who love their pets almost as much as each other, it’s now perfectly acceptable, if not downright trendy, to invite them to your wedding. In fact, photo opportunities with animals are also taking off, so you could theme the whole event on your love for animals.

No matter what you choose to do for your big day, a 2019 wedding is all about fulfilling your desires - (hot) dogs and all! If you're interested in event catering in Sydney Yummy Dogs-style, contact us.