There’s a catering secret we’d like to let you in on for your next corporate function (or backyard barbie!) This treat turns bland sandwiches, boring salads and regular meat dishes into taste sensations with total ease. It’s also often seen in the company of a hot dog cart, where it truly comes into its own!

What is it? Relish! Here’s how this condiment takes everyday food and turns it into a feast to rave about.

Relish for BBQs

The smell of sizzling sausages is enough to make anyone’s mouth water, but slather on some relish and watch your guests rush for more. Hot pepper relish goes particularly well with barbecued chicken, chargrilled steak, kebabs and hotdogs, adding rich flavour and texture with a dash of heat.

 Say goodbye to your average garden salad by stirring in a dollop or three of corn relish for sweetness and crunch. Put a new spin on everyone’s favourite potato salad with a chunky, cucumber-based sweet green relish. When it’s time for cheese and crackers, use either as a delicious dip. Are you making hamburgers, cooking up pork chops or barbecuing bacon for a fundraising breakfast? Forget tomato sauce and bring out the hamburger relish instead. It’s an intoxicating blend of tomato sauce, tomato pickle and secret ingredients, that’s sweet, sour and spicy for a flavour explosion.

Relish to elevate event menus

Whether you’re catering for a corporate function, wedding or fundraiser, impressing your guests (and yourself) with the menu is paramount. Relishes from a wholesale relish supplier in Sydney take dishes that everyone’s heard of and transform them into a memorable eating experience.

For example, serve an entree of salmon and avocado salad, spliced with the sweet-sour zing of bread and butter pickles. Serving gourmet sandwiches? Any kind of relish ups the ante, adding sweetness, texture and the surprise factor on that first bite. Top lamb with sweet green relish, decorate hot dogs with hot pickled pepper rings or add full-bodied corn relish to fish with white sauce. If you want to hold a themed event, how about a Mexican fiesta, with sliced jalapeno peppers to enliven enchiladas, burritos and nachos?

Relish for snacks at home

It’s always nice to have sneaky treats in the fridge, for those times when you’re a bit peckish. Bread and butter pickles might just be your ‘go to’ snack, to eat straight from the jar and satisfy that craving. Relishes also bring some excitement to school lunch boxes, work breaks and easy dinners when you’re in a rush.

Those bread and butter pickles will make healthy tuna or turkey sandwiches on wholemeal bread seem like a guilty pleasure. Hamburger relish isn’t just for hamburgers, though once you start topping yours with it, you’ll never turn back. This multi-tasking condiment is perfect with pies, scrambled eggs, vegetarian dishes and any kind of sandwich.

With a range of relishes at your disposal, your customers, family and friends will certainly be looking forward to the next meal with you!