It seems like everything is advertised as ‘gourmet’ these days. But what does the term really mean? According to the dictionary, it’s “of or characteristic of a gourmet, especially in involving or purporting to involve high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation”.

So, does Yummy Dogs create gourmet hot dogs? No. And we don’t think we need to!

A hot dog is a hot dog

Why is this? At Yummy Dogs, we believe the best type of hot dog quite simply doesn’t need the tag ‘gourmet’. This is because it’s simple, fresh, bursting with flavour and cooked while you watch.

It’s prepared with original, top quality ingredients, with love and care. Topped with traditional relishes, it’s a delectable treat. When you taste it, the proof is in the proverbial pudding – and there’s nothing exotic required.

We know that people recognise good quality and appreciate it. And they certainly don’t need a French word to determine whether or not food is good – especially as there really isn’t any French influence in the history of the hot dog at all!

For us at Yummy Dogs, gourmet is just a word. What really matters is flavoursome ingredients and caring preparation.

Simple quality ingredients combine for a taste sensation

At Yummy Dogs, our top quality ingredients lay the foundations for flavour. We use skinless sausages that are gluten free and naturally wood smoked, with no artificial colours or flavours.

We use skinless sausages so they can’t burst when they are placed on the grill, plus, we understand that some of you just don’t like biting into the skin. After we steam our sausages, we make them juicier by placing them on the grill for a few minutes. The grill marks add even more flavour, and the smell alone makes your mouth water.

Our trusted local bakery handmakes soft ‘pillowy’ buns, which are delivered fresh on the day for each event. And the final vital ingredient to the perfect (non-gourmet!) hot dog? The topping!

Traditional and authentic is best

The best hot dog toppings are traditional, authentic and full of zing. After extensive research, We found a small, family-run business in North America that specialises in relish, pepper and pickle products to supply us with what we think are the best hot dog toppings in Sydney!

They use traditional production methods, and each topping is made from their old family recipes, handed down through generations. From sweet green relish, to jalapeno peppers and bread and butter pickles, there’s a simple, tasty and fresh hot dog topping to suit everyone. And they can even liven up a range of other dishes too, from sandwiches to roast meat, chicken and fresh fish.

Back to hot dogs though, and we don’t think the word ‘gourmet’ comes close to describing the intense flavour hit of fresh ingredients, loving preparation and authentic toppings combined. And that’s our specialty at Yummy Dogs! If you’d like to taste for yourself, talk to us about catering for your next event in Sydney.