How do you reward your staff for a job well done? Throw them a party to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication! Now, we’re not talking about stringing balloons up in the office and munching on soggy sandwiches. Nor are we saying you need to pull out all stops and blow the budget on a huge shindig.

All you need to do is to create some excitement, and help your staff feel special. We think a feast of hot dogs is the perfect solution – here’s why.

A hot dog cart is an event in itself

If you’ve ever been to a big sporting event or festival, you’ll know that the hot dog cart is a beloved traditional feature – and the line never seems to get shorter! The Yummy Dogs hot dog cart and stand are eye-catching, creating a buzz and bringing back memories of fun times, even before your guests get to indulge in the delicious hot dogs. Hot dogs can add the all-important X factor to your event on their own, or you might want to use them as a centerpiece for a themed party, such as a baseball match or a retro diner.

Event catering in Sydney couldn’t be easier

Do you want to hold your party in the office courtyard? At the local park? Wherever you’d like to be, our mobile hot dog cart is easily rolled into position, ready for feasting.

Don’t have a lot of room? Our hot dog stand is a pop-up option, designed to fit in small spaces and office lifts.

Yummy Dogs caters to everyone, from small groups to corporate events of a thousand people or more. And guess what you have to do? Absolutely nothing! Our friendly staff will be there do it all for you - that means you’ll be eating, rather than worrying about handing out food and cleaning up. And your staff will love food they can easily eat while mingling – with not a boring sandwich in sight.

They are just yummy

Our hot dogs are the highest quality for a guaranteed taste sensation. We use fresh, handmade buns from a local bakery and they’re baked to order on the day of your party. As for our sausages, they’re skinless, gluten free and naturally wood smoked, with no artificial colours or flavours.

What goes best with the tender, juicy taste explosion of sausages?  A condiment buffet! Variety is the spice of life and our relishes and sauces add serious zing.

The hot dog relish is mild, fruity and mustardy, the hot pepper relish adds a rich, fiery bite...and these are just a small sample of the array of flavours to choose from. 

That’s stress-free catering, an attention-grabbing attraction and mouthwatering food, all rolled into one. A Yummy Dogs hot dog cart might just be the perfect way to delight your staff members, and make your next office party a breeze to organise!