Where would any of us be without our favourite condiments? And we’re not talking about tomato sauce. As a wholesale relish supplier in Sydney, we’re seriously into flavour when it comes to delectable toppings for a range of food, from hot dogs to barbecue steak and sandwiches.

While our top picks include zingy peppers and rich relishes, our friends overseas have their own unique spin on condiments. Let’s take a look.

1. Banana ketchup

Apparently, during World War II, the Philippines didn’t have a lot of tomatoes. They did, however, have an abundance of bananas. The fruit was mashed up with vinegar, sugar and spices, becoming the perfect ketchup alternative for diners and burger joints across the country.

2. Tkemali sauce

A mountainous country between Europe and Asia, Georgia is renowned for cuisine that’s a tasty blend of Mediterranean and Arabic influences. Tkemali sauce is a sour plum sauce, made from both red and green varieties, with lemon juice, vinegar and an array of spices. It’s perfect for topping meat, poultry and potato dishes.

3. Karashi

Not any old mustard will do for the Japanese. Karashi is a yellow mustard that’s a hot, spicy seasoning for oden, natto and gyoza, or to use as a dipping sauce. It’s a household staple and comes in a powder that you mix with water, for an intense flavour hit. 

 4. Papaya hot sauce

Papaya sauce doesn’t sound like it’d be hot, but the Caribbean specialty offers serious bite. There are many recipes for the condiment made famous in Aruba, however the fruit is typically blended with hot chillies, shallots, vinegar and spices.

5. Ajvar

Originating in the Balkans, Ajvar is commonly used as a smoky, tangy spread for bread or as a side dish for grilled meats. It’s prepared with mashed eggplants and red capsicum, simmered for hours to lock in the flavours.

6. Doenjang

A Korean seasoning, Doenjang is the product of ground soybeans fermented and soaked in brine for months. The soybean paste has a deep, nutty flavour that enhances dips, soups and stews.

7. Chakalaka

Served hot or cold, Chakalaka is a South African condiment used for barbecues and sandwich fillings. The vegetable relish is usually a spicy blend of beans, cabbage, onions and garlic, depending on the region.

 8. Pebra

Pebra is a Chilean treat that locals always have on hand, to top everything from meats to boiled potatoes and empanadas. Generally, the relish is a flavourful mix of coriander, garlic, red wine vinegar, ground chilli and spices.

9. Achaar

Achaar is used as a staple dinner condiment throughout India. Achaar is made from pickled fruits or vegetables with oil, turmeric and a variety of other spices to make them sweet, spicy or sour.

10. Nuoc Cham

In Vietnam, Nuoc Cham is a dipping sauce perfect for rice paper rolls, fish and meats. With a fish sauce base, the condiment packs a tasty punch via the flavours of chilli, lime, lemongrass and palm sugar.

Is your mouth watering yet? Never fear, you’ll find our tantalising range of relishes, pickles and peppers here. Go ahead and satisfy your craving!