Dealing with Services and Costs

In the first part of this article, we’ve provided a list of questions to help you in choosing the right catering company. These questions focussed on menus, food sources or ingredients and leftovers.

This time, we shall deal with questions about services. These questions should be addressed not only to ensure a smooth and successful function, but also to lessen expenses when planning for a corporate event.

What services or items are included in your catering package?

Since some caterers only provide the food while others offer all-inclusive packages (e.g. wait staff, dinnerware and catering utilities), it’s therefore important to learn the scope of the caterer’s service. Ask them to discuss the inclusions in their package. This is essential so that you will know what items or services you’ll be paying for or will be securing from other sources. The fees for these items may add up to the overall costs and can affect your budget.

Can you describe your typical operation?

Knowing how the catering business operates will help you choose the ideal caterer for the job.. It’s also a good idea to enquire about the areas where they operate. For instance, if you’re negotiating with an Australian business based in Sydney, ask them if they have the capability to cater for events elsewhere in the country.

What are your experiences in handling company events?

Before choosing an event caterer, take a look at their track record. See if they have the experience in handling corporate functions, and don’t forget to look into their licenses and permits. Choose an experienced caterer who knows how to handle various company functions like us here at Yummy Dogs. Ideal for any type of event, our mouth-watering hot dogs and sausages served fresh from our hot dog cart will give your guests the original hot dog experience.

Can you provide an estimated overall cost for the function?

Most catering companies charge a ‘per-head’ rate. Knowing what factors (e.g. food, labour, set-up, freebies and etc.) are included in the ‘per-head’ rate is essential to avoid extra charges. Thus, ask the caterers to send you a comprehensive estimate that factors in the overall fees.

Getting the answers to these crucial questions can help you find the ideal caterer for the job. Most of all, it can also help you control the expenses when planning for a corporate function.

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