Dealing with Menus, Food Sources and Leftovers

In our previous post, we tackled some crucial steps to finding the right company for event catering in Sydney. One such step is to arrange a meeting with corporate caterers and discuss your plans for the occasion.

In line with this, we’ve compiled a list of questions intended to get the information you need to determine the ideal caterer for the job.

Here are some questions about menus, ingredients and leftovers, which you need to ask the caterers before choosing the one that fits your style and budget.

What’s in the menu?

This of course, is the first and most important question of all. In every function, the food is always a major concern for most guests. You need to make sure that the food which will be provided by the caterer is not only delicious, but appropriate for the event you are hosting. If it’s possible, ask if you could have a tasting of the dishes they can make for you. Make sure to choose a caterer who will be able to serve a good selection of food choices. Also, don’t forget to ask if they can handle food requests, especially when it comes to last-minute requests.

How will you serve the food?

There are many ways that food can be served (e.g. buffet, food station, sit-down or take-out). Knowing what the caterer can offer will provide you with options on how the food can be best served.

Where do you get most of your food sources or ingredients?

It’s your duty as the event planner to know where the ingredients of the dishes being served come from. Hence, ask the caterers where the food are sourced or where they usually purchase the ingredients. Knowing the answer to this question will not only ensure that the food are cooked fresh and clean, but it will also tell you a lot about their service. Most catering companies that make use of seasonal produce and locally grown vegetables and fruits will be more willing to modify their recipes and dishes to accommodate your personal preference and your guests’ dietary requirements.

What happens to leftover food?

Most caterers do not allow leftovers to be taken off the premises. Some would rather throw away the leftovers than risk anyone getting sick from it. Because of this, it’s better to ask the catering companies about their procedures in dealing with leftovers. Ask them if they will allow you to bring the leftovers home or have them donated to a charity or a local shelter.

When you get the answers to these questions, it’ll be a lot easier to find the right caterer who can help you plan your next corporate function.

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