Not all companies know how to host corporate events. From big corporations to small businesses, people can perceive any event held by them as boring; getting a corporate event wrong could cost the company a fortune.

But corporate parties can be exciting, engaging and memorable. With the right planning and follow through, an event could become a success and can help your business reap a huge return on its investment.

These four steps should help point you in the right direction:

1.       Identify your objective.

Ask yourself what your goal is in hosting your event and what outcome you want. Is it for networking? To launch a new product or service? Or to reintroduce yourself to your market? You need to have a main objective in organising the party, and it should be planned around this goal.

You must also identify your target market. Consider their interests and lifestyle, and incorporate these elements into the party to get them interested to attend and get them hooked to stay longer.

2.       Plan.

        You should start planning at least two months in advance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Location – Consider hosting it at your office to get more exposure to your business. If it’s not a suitable place to hold a party, you can have it at one of your city’s hot-spots. This will draw people to the event.

  • Layout – Have only a small number of chairs available at the venue. This will encourage guests to move around and socialise, which is great for networking.

  • Date and time – Make sure the date doesn’t coincide with holidays, as most people will be away during these times. If you’re holding it at your workplace, make sure it’s not during busy days as you might not be able to cater to both your customers and guests at your party. When you pick the time, think of one that will be convenient for your target market.

  • Theme – Think out of the box and don’t settle for the usual. A quirky, interesting and information-packed event will leave a positive mark on your guests. Also make sure the theme you use is in line with your company’s brand. For some corporate event themes, you can get ideas here.

  • Food – Pick a corporate catering in Sydney that will suit the theme you have in mind. Remember, food is also one factor that draws guests to a party so make sure you offer an interesting menu and, of course, delectable food choices served in creative ways. Instead of serving food in trays, for example, you can serve customised hot dogs straight out of a hot dog cart.

3.       Create buzz.

Create a comprehensive and detailed marketing plan on how to get guests to attend. This is the most crucial part of your preparation as this will determine the success or failure of the party. How can your party be successful if people don’t know about it?

Social media has made it easier to create a buzz about an event. Utilise several types to make the most of these available platforms. Don’t forget traditional ways, though. For example, you can send out customised invitations to specific invitees through the mail and disseminate a general invite to the public using social media platforms like Twitter (making use of hashtags).

You can also generate interest by hosting a Google hangout days before the event, creating a promotional video, or allowing bloggers to participate.

4.       Make sure guests have a great time.

Create fun activities to encourage guests to mingle; hold exercises that entice guests to stand and move around; and put in a little bit of something to make the event more interesting. This can be a photo or GIF booth, giant games, or a graffiti wall. Avoid long speeches and get your guests to participate and be active. This way they will enjoy the party more and will have a positive experience to associate with your brand.

In hosting a corporate event, you should aim to provide your guests an experience like no other. Do this while keeping your objective and target market in mind.

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