Looking for the perfect way to liven up your next corporate event?  

Whether you are organising a skills training, gala, trade show, or team building activity, the right party theme will set the tone for a fun and exciting corporate event.

Setting a theme for any company gathering creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It’s also a great way to get your message across and ensure a memorable evening for all your guests.

So whenever you need to come up with cool and fun party ideas, feel free to use these terrific corporate party themes.

Defying Gravity

  • The Concept: Defy the limits. Be innovative. This cool party theme is ideal for skills trainings and development programs.

  • The Venue: Decorate the venue with dramatic space and architectural designs, as well as geeky gadgets, space arcade games, Lego toys, LED laser light and aircraft simulators. Then have all the guests wear neon, metallic and glittery costumes. 

  • The Menu: What food will fit in nicely with a futuristic space theme? Pasta and noodle dishes, desserts, snack bars and dried fruits are some great food options. Serve these in food trays, like those seen in the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and your futuristic party will get even better.

Oscar Glitz and Glamour

  • The Concept:  An Oscar party theme that will add a ‘wow’ factor to galas and formal corporate affairs.

  • The Venue: Roll out the red carpet so that your guests can walk down the aisle in style. Install full-length mirrors and twinkling lights in the walkway. You can also enlist a jazz musician to serenade guests with soothing, swinging music.

  • The Menu: If you’re planning for a sit-down dinner, then hire corporate catering in Sydney that offers this type of service. Sit-down dinners provide the highest level of service because the wait staff are the ones who serve each course to the guests.

Wilderness Survival

  • The Concept: The perfect theme for team building activities. This offers a host of benefits for the company, such as building a stronger relationship with co-workers, enhancing communication, improving employee productivity and boosting morale, to name a few. 

  • The Venue: Plan an outdoor party set on the beach, park or farm. Make it as casual and as relaxing as possible, so that everyone will have the opportunity to talk with each other and develop camaraderie. Organise a hunting game and other sports activities to foster teamwork and sportsmanship.

  • The Menu: Prepare a range of delectable and affordable food choices. Serve fruits and easy kabobs made of shrimp, pork and chicken. You can also set up food stations, like a hot dog cart, salad bar, ice cream station and barbecue station, all over the party venue. This will give your guests the freedom to select from a range of food choices.

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