Delectable food, great company and good times. Where can you find all these? Parties! These are truly some of the most exciting events one would look forward to. After all, who doesn’t like free food, upbeat music and a good time? Plus, parties are perfect times for people to bond and catch up.

Are you planning to host a gathering for some friends? Throwing a birthday bash for a family member? If you’re bored of your usual sit down dinner or pub lunch, then bring the party to your own backyard! There are plenty of great reasons why you should, and here are five of them:

1. You can serve affordable food and treats. A smaller budget can be set for this aspect of the party since being at home means more laid-back food choices. When it comes to backyard parties, you can serve food items as simple as hot dogs which are all-time favourites. You can also provide a buffet table with their favourites and a dessert corner for the sweet tooths. These are great party food especially if there are kids around.

If you decide to hire an event catering specialist, you can contact us at Yummy Dogs. We offer superb party catering in Sydney. We are proud makers of the best tasting hot dogs served straight from a hot dog stand, giving you that authentic hot dog experience.

2. You can have more control of the event. As you are using your own place for the party, there are lesser or no restrictions at all compared to hosting a party at a particular venue. In this setting, you are fully in charge of the event which gives you more freedom to decide what types of activities to do and how long the party can last.

3. You can save money on venue costs. The venue is one party element that can take up a significant portion of the budget as most party venues nowadays are quite costly. On the other hand, throwing a party in your yard will let you save extra cash that you can spend on other stuff like food, decorations or party favours. You can also opt for DIY party solutions to save even more money.

4. Your place is easier to locate. If you’re inviting close friends and relatives to the party, most of them probably already know where you live or are at least familiar with your location. This makes it easier for them to attend your party. You can then spare yourself from the hassle of giving complicated directions to the venue.

5. Your backyard can provide a more intimate setting. A familiar environment makes for a more intimate gathering especially if it’s among close individuals. As it is your own place, your guests will feel more at home and comfortable during the party. They can let loose and enjoy the occasion more thus making the event a great bonding activity.

Throwing an awesome party does not necessarily mean you need a high-end venue. In the end, it’s the people and quality time that matter. With careful planning, you can still host an event that’s enjoyable and memorable for everyone, even if it’s just in your own backyard.