Scrumptious food. Great music. Relaxing party atmosphere. Master these three elements and become an exceptional host (or event planner) to an unforgettable celebration.

Yes, you don’t have to act à la Jay Gatsby and throw a lavish party set in a splendid 22-bedroom mansion. You can still organise a successful party, no matter how simple or grand the event is, by learning how to combine the three vital factors that make up a successful party. These crucial factors are as follows: the menu, the mood and the venue.

Factor #1: The Menu

The food is the deal maker or breaker of any party. No matter how grandiose the venue is, when the food is bland, trust us, your guests will never be impressed. This is the reason why menu planning is considered the most vital element in organising a party. Hence, it is crucial to think and plan your menu ahead (say, 2-3 weeks before the party).

Select food options that are appropriate for the event and take into consideration any dietary requirements that your guests may have. For indoor parties, you have the option to go formal and hire a food catering company that offers buffet or sit-down service. For an outdoor party, go casual by serving fruit trays and easy kabobs made of chicken, shrimp, pork and veggies. You can also choose easy-to-prepare food like hamburgers, steaks, barbecues and hot dogs. If you’re looking for food catering in Sydney that offers delicious and affordable food, try our delectable Yummy Dogs hot dogs. We have a selection of mouth-watering toppings and relishes to choose from.

Factor #2: The Mood

No one wants to linger in a party that is dull and boring. To help create a warm and relaxing party atmosphere, you must learn to set the right mood that will appeal to the senses. Is the atmosphere warm and inviting? Are the lighting and decoration pleasing to the eye? Is the background music soothing?  Details like great music and magnificent lighting help set the tone of the event.

Playing soft music, like jazz, is appropriate during a solemn or formal affair. Conversely, blaring music like rock, house or electro pop can set the mood for a wild night of partying and dancing. Good lighting can also transform the mood of a party. The soft glow of candlelight can radiate a comfortable party atmosphere where the guests can relax, talk and eat.  

Factor #3: The Venue

Choosing the venue is one of the key elements to a successful party. Whether it is an outdoor informal celebration or an indoor formal gathering, the location of the party matters. So, if you’re planning on hosting an event that is formal in nature (for example, an executive conference), choose an upscale hotel as the venue of the affair and make it a sit-down party, where guests are served delectable food by a wait staff.

If you are planning an informal affair (for example, a team building activity), then go casual by organising the event outdoors and having food stations. For example, you can have a company picnic by the beach and hire party catering in Sydney that can set up food stations all over the party venue. Here at Yummy Dogs, we serve fresh, sumptuous hot dogs conveniently from our hot dog carts and stands, which can be stationed in various areas within your chosen venue.

So, add a “wow” factor to any event by always covering the aforementioned three crucial factors to party planning to help you create an unforgettable party that everyone will enjoy and remember.