How would you like to introduce some witches, ghosts and zombies to your workplace? It sounds counterintuitive, but not on Halloween! After all, just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we have to miss out on spooktacular fun. So take the opportunity to show off your corporate sense of humour, and give staff or clients a treat this October.

Here’s how to get your spook on for Halloween.

Adult trick or treat

Bring some laughs into the office on October 31 with trick or treat for adults. Arrange for everyone to bring items to give each other and invite staff to go trick-or-treating throughout the building. Great ideas for office treats include elegant pens, stress balls, gift cards and chocolates. As for tricks, that depends on your office culture and HR department...if you’re thinking whoopee cushions, we say go for it.

Creepy carnival

Take advantage of the season to impress current clients, attract new ones and promote your business by holding a creepy carnival. You can hire sideshow games, a haunted house and roving performers to provide scary thrills. A hot dog stand fits the scene perfectly and keeps ghoulish guests well fed.

For added promotional value, distribute themed goodie bags highlighting your company services, have balloons and banners printed with your company logo and a halloween twist, or hold a costume contest and award prizes aligned with your product.

Office monsters

Fancy having an ogre organise schedules or a grisly ghoul on reception for the day? Boost morale by filling your office with costumed monsters for Halloween. Invite staff to dress up as their favourite creepy character and watch as bonds are formed over shared laughs and very strange encounters indeed.

Add to the scene with simple decorations, such as fake spiders, webs and skeletons, and have event catering in Sydney supply lunch as the ultimate treat. Want to be a really great boss? Let everyone knock off early, as long as they agree to go to the pub first in full costume!

Devilish disco

For an evening corporate event, throw a devilish disco to take advantage of the incredible songs that resurface every Halloween.

Hire a DJ and ensure the tracklist includes Monster Mash, Thriller, Highway to Hell, Time Warp and Ghostbusters. Decorate your disco venue in red and black, with props like pitchforks, velvet-covered tables, tall candlesticks, wrought iron antiques and skulls. As for costumes, this is a party for draculas, vampires, sorcerers and, of course, devils.

Horror movie marathon

Celebrate Halloween with a horror movie marathon for staff and clients. With the warmer weather, an outdoor screening complete with beanbags, spooky shadows and the inky sky fits the mood. For indoor screenings, decorate your venue to bring the scary vibe. Choose classics such as Psycho and The Exorcist or a series like Nightmare on Elm Street.

Why not take advantage of Halloween this year, and get your spook on to impress staff and clients?