Are you searching for ways to wow guests at your next staff party or corporate function? Give them something to talk about with a theme that’s sure to impress. Here are five fun ideas to get you started.

1. Glow in the dark dance

Illuminate your guests, literally, with a glow in the dark dance. This one’s suited to an indoor venue where you can dim the lights and let the colours of neon shine.

Hire or buy UV lights and glow in the dark party supplies to suit. Set up a food area and surround it with neon balloons and tableware. Create signs promoting your product or event with neon paint. Offer glow bracelets, headbands and sticks to guests on arrival so the entire room becomes a visual treat.

2. Celebrity surprise event

Create intrigue around your next event with a surprise celebrity guest. Don’t worry, you don’t need a rock star to impress everyone! Rather, find someone well-known from your industry who will appeal to the interests of your guests, and add value to your function. Or go with a celebrity MC who will keep everyone laughing. There are also lots of musicians and performers available to play at corporate events.

3. Through the decades disco

Everyone has a favourite decade for music, clothes and paraphernalia. Instead of choosing one decade to theme your event, choose them all for maximum impact. Invite guests to dress from the era of their choice and give them a taste of it at the event.

Create separate areas in your venue to dedicate to each decade. For example, have a 50s corner with a hot dog stand, yummy relishes and a jukebox. Transform the dance floor into a 70s disco with mirror balls and hanging vinyl records. Represent the 80s with fluorescent colours, posters of rock bands and Rubik’s cubes to play with.

4. Winter wonderland party

The wacky thing about holding a winter wonderland party is to do so when it’s warm outside! Bring to the event all the winter delights we don’t often experience in Australia, with European winters for inspiration.

Use silver, white and icy blue as your colour scheme for décor. Twinkling fairy lights are a must, as is a snow machine. Hire props like blow-up polar bears, sleighs, romantic street lamps and snow-dusted trees.

5. Back to school bash

When you have a fun-loving group of guests to impress, make the most of it with a back to school bash. For laughs, make it a costumed event so guests can either dig out old uniforms, dress as teachers or come as the 'cheerleader’, ‘brainiac’ or ‘class clown’.

For props, use blackboards, arcade video games and old board games to create an interactive environment. Set chairs and tables up to resemble a classroom, hang times table posters on the walls and hire a photo booth to capture silly moments.

Along with having a blast, your staff will have something to talk about around the watercooler for a long time to come!