Spring gives us an instant hit of motivation, with warmer weather and the anticipation of getting back into the great outdoors. Why not harness the magic of the season with an office party to ramp up morale, productivity and good cheer at work? Here are some fresh ideas to get you started.

Movies under the stars

When you want to give your employees a treat, hold a ‘movies under the stars’ night on a roof terrace if you have one or in the office garden. All you need to do is hire an outdoor cinema package with a screen and projector. Provide some beanbags, picnic blankets or chairs, along with event catering in Sydney for tasty movie snacks.

The only problem you’ll have is choosing which movie to watch! Solve this and create a buzz around your party at the same time by inviting everyone to anonymously write down a movie, popping the suggestions into a hat and drawing one out beforehand. This way, no one needs to take the blame for an unpopular choice!

Office olympics

Spring weather is perfect for getting active before the hot temps of summer kick in. Office olympics can be anything you want them to be, depending on skills, interests and capabilities. Follow the traditional path by setting up courses in a local park, using pool noodles for javelins, pieces of wood for balance beams and Frisbees for discus throws.

Or, take a trip down memory lane and recreate a school sport’s day with egg and spoon races, three-legged races and sack races. Chances are you’ll find a bunch of hungry competitors on your hands, so thrill everyone with a hot dog stand for lunch.

Lawn games

Gather together or hire a range of lawn games for an afternoon of relaxed, competitive fun. Choose a park or outdoor venue with an expansive, flat grassy area and set up a few different areas for everyone to show off their skills. Ball games include bocce, croquet, bowls and mini golf.

For a different spin, get giant Jenga, Connect Four or Twister and watch everyone unleash their inner child! If you feel like splashing out, theme your lawn games around an English garden party setting and invite everyone to come dressed in their vintage Sunday best!

Garden luncheon

Sydney’s gardens are awash with colour during spring, so take the opportunity for a group botanical exploration. Arrange finger food catering in Sydney for a picnic lunch and schedule in some educational walks to make the most of the blooming landscapes.

The Royal Botanic Garden is an obvious choice, mainly for the spectacular Spring Walk. You’ll see everything from wisterias to rhododendrons and the red-flowering tree waratah. Other colourful options include Ballast Point Park, Paddington Reservoir Gardens and Lisgar Gardens.

After your outdoor office party, look forward to your employees feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to launch into the end of the year with an extra dose of productivity!