The festive season is well and truly upon us, a busy social whirl of work parties, catch ups with friends, family gatherings and school parties.

With most celebrations revolving around delicious food, catering for Christmas events can be very stressful. But there’s no need to slave away in the kitchen for hours on end and miss out on all the fun!

Here’s how to turn your Christmas catering into a stress-free event.

Formalise your guest list asap

Before you even think about the menu, it’s important to determine how many people you’ll be feeding. Send out invitations in advance and ask guests to RSVP at their earliest convenience. After all, there’s nothing worse than having too much or not enough food.

Decide whether or not to supply alcoholic drinks before you send the invites out, so you can include a BYO note if needed. Once you have a good idea of numbers, you’re ready to move on to choosing the venue and the menu, without the stress of playing the guessing game.

Pick the right party venue

You need to consider the style of party and the number of guests when choosing the right venue. For large office parties or a formal bash, you might need a space big enough to prepare and serve food, plus wait staff. If you’re having a Christmas party with extended family or friends, a park or the beach can be a fabulous option, with a mobile catering van to provide a casual meal.

Your backyard, spruced up with fairy lights and Christmas decorations, is ideal for more intimate gatherings.

If you are holding an outdoor event, make sure you have a contingency plan such as a marquee or alternate venue in place, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate! That way, there’ll be absolutely no cause for stress on the night. 

Choosing party food catering in Sydney

For most events and parties, fun is the name of the game, so keep food simple, easy to eat and, of course, pick something everyone will love!

A hot dog cart with juicy dogs, fresh rolls and gourmet relishes is the perfect choice to add a splash of excitement to your menu.

Hot dogs are ideal for feeding large groups, and guests will feel like they’re getting a treat that’s usually reserved for the footy or the fair.

Best of all, you really won’t have to lift a finger, except to grab your own hot dog! All the setting up, cooking and serving is done for you.

Get everyone involved

Christmas can put quite a strain on the budget, so if you’re holding a large party with friends or family, or the parents from school, you can keep costs down by getting everyone involved.

Why not hold a competition to see who can come up with the most inventive Christmas-themed dessert? That way, you’ll save the bulk of your budget for main meal catering, and create an exciting buzz to get the party started. Plus, setting up and cleaning up will be a breeze if the workload is shared.

The Christmas season is all about having fun and spending time with friends and loved ones. By following these simple tips, you’ll spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the festive spirit!