Olympic heroes, football celebrities and baseball legends reside in cities famous for sports – and wherever there’s sports, there’s hot dogs.

If you’re a sports fanatic, make your dreams come true with a visit to one of the world’s top cities for big stadium fun, where you can soak up the action with a hot dog in hand!

1. Boston, USA

The USA is the spiritual home of the hot dog cart, especially at basketball, football and baseball games! Boston locals are among the biggest sports fans, with the renowned Red Sox baseball team leading the pack. Visit Fenway Park, the home of the Sox, to wrap your lips around a Fenway Frank topped with mustard and sauerkraut.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Along with a history of hosting famous events, like the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and the World Aquatics Championships, Barcelona is also home to one of the biggest football teams in the world, FC Barcelona. In terms of hot dogs, you’ll get to try the Catalan version of a sausage, called butifarra.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Soccer is the name of the game in Brazil, and the country’s birthed some of the greatest players in history, like Pelé and Ronaldinho. Rio de Janeiro’s famous stadiums host very passionate football fans every match. When they hit the streets, hot dog stands serve unique creations topped with peas, corn, cilantro and even hard-boiled quail eggs.

4. London, UK

With Premier League football clubs, Wimbledon and Lords Cricket Ground, it’s safe to say Londoners love their sports. If you’re a fan of the hot dog, you’ll be happy to know they’re a fixture on fast food menus.

5. Madrid, Spain

If you haven’t heard of Real Madrid, you’ve definitely been living under a rock. The people of Madrid are crazy about football and basketball, making the energetic capital a hub for sports fans. The American chain, Feltman’s Hot Dogs, is one of the most popular options for a late night snack.

6. Manchester, UK

Manchester United might just be the most popular football club in the world, with millions of fans, not to mention the old association with celebrity athlete David Beckham. Though the locals love their black pudding, you won’t have to go far to run into a hot dog.

7. New York, USA

The Yankees, the Knicks, Giants and Rangers are enough to keep any sports fan happy in the Big Apple. Mind you, who cares about sports when the city is also the number one destination for hot dog carts in the world?

8. Toronto, Canada

It’s all about ice hockey in Toronto, with the Maple Leafs leading the way. To warm you up, Toronto’s hot dog scene includes everything from hole-in-the-wall takeaways to gourmet restaurant versions.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Football is almost secondary to the explosive atmosphere of Boca Junior’s Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires. Chants, balloons, banners, flags and even fireworks accompany games. After all that excitement, you can look forward to a Choripan, with chorizo sausage.

10. Melbourne, Australia

Last, but certainly not least, is our very own Melbourne, with world-class tennis, horse racing, Formula One and AFL. In fact, this year the city was crowned Sports City of the Decade in the Ultimate Sport’s City Awards.

As for the hot dogs, Aussie fans can smell them a mile off and love smothering buns in tomato sauce and relishes. So, what are you waiting for? Get out into the world to indulge in sports and hot dogs today!