Hitting the clubs, having far too much to drink and tying the groom to a street light at the end of the night might come to mind as soon as anyone says the words “bucks party.”

But what if you don’t want to recreate scenes from the hit movie The Hangover? Here are some great ideas for bucks’ parties that everyone will remember –for all the right reasons!

1. Car fanatic’s getaway

From vintage Jaguars, Mustangs and Cadillacs to modern supercars, a self-drive car hire getaway adds the extra element of “wow” that you need for a buck’s party with a difference. There are a number of scenic drive destinations within easy reach of Sydney, including Kangaroo Valley, the Grand Pacific Drive, the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and around the spectacular beaches of the North Shore.

2. Beach house weekend

Why lock yourself in for one night only, when you can party for a whole weekend? Hiring a beach house lets you do what you want, when you want, in beautiful surrounds. Check out Avalon, Balmoral, Palm Beach, Coogee and Manly as popular options for coastal rentals in Sydney.

Sipping beer on your sea-view balcony and having a laugh with mates might suffice, but you can also take the opportunity to hold a big backyard bash. Keep it casual in true beach style, with eskies for drinks and a hot dog cart with a variety of relishes in no-fuss dispensers to feed the crew.

3. Fishing festivities

The sky’s the limit when choosing a fishing trip in Sydney. From houseboat hire to luxury yachts and self-drive speed boats, getting out on the water to drop a line in is a great way to start your party. If boats aren’t your thing, pick a beach and pack your gear for a spot of night fishing.

For grooms up for a few laughs, deck yourselves out in outrageous fishing paraphernalia. You’ll get a kick out of each other’s costumes and no doubt make some new friends along the way!

4.  Casino capers

Take weekly poker nights to a whole new level with a casino-themed party. You can go as big or small as you like, using your house or a hired venue to set the scene. Choose a professional party production company to host the event for you, with proper tables and croupiers.

You can also do it yourself by setting up a few portable card tables, decorating with casino props from costume stores, and hiring mobile catering in Sydney. To ensure everyone keeps their precious pennies, get out the Monopoly money to exchange for chips. At the end of the night, tally them up and announce the winners.

5.  Camping adventures

For grooms with a love of the great outdoors, there’s nothing better than camping. Hire a private property or check out Sydney’s caravan parks and camp grounds. Camping means you can hike, fish, kayak and swim during the day and crack open a cold one by the fire at night.

With so many fantastic options, there’s no excuse to conform to the boring old bucks night formula – except, perhaps, for the drinking part!