Did you grow up thinking only tomato sauce and mustard belonged on your hot dog? I’m not surprised, they used to be the only options in Australia – especially when it came to buying your favourite snack at the footy.

Now, I know there’s a lot to love about tomato sauce and mustard – they are classics for a reason. But when I started Yummy Dogs in 2009, I couldn’t wait to introduce a whole new world of authentic hot dog toppings Sydney food lovers could relish – pardon the pun!

The quest for authentic flavour

I spent extensive time researching, to ensure our products were as original and authentic as possible. This led me to a small, family-run business in North America, which has specialised in producing relishes, peppers and pickle products since 1948.

What I love the most is that they use traditional family recipes, production methods and techniques. Over the years, we’ve become close friends and now the family produces an exclusive range of products just for Yummy Dogs.

A range of relishes to discover

You can taste the love and hard work that goes into our products, as the bulk of the crop ingredients are still handpicked. Not only that, they’re packed and processed by hand, ensuring consistent, superior quality.

There are eight delicious products to choose from. Though they’ll certainly turn a hot dog into a taste sensation, as a wholesale relish supplier in Sydney, we also service restaurants, caterers, food trucks and sandwich bars all over the country. That’s right – our products taste great on your sangas too!

I’m often asked which of our relishes I like best, but that’s kind of like having to pick a favourite child. There’s Hot Pepper Relish, to add a fiery punch to everything from stir fries and barbeques to appetisers and pasta dishes. On the flip side, our Bread and Butter Pickles take you straight back to childhood, with that classic, sweet flavour just like Grandma used to make.

When you add our Jalapeno Peppers or Hot Pickled Pepper Rings to sauces, tacos, cheese platters, roasts or pizzas for colour and zing, it’s hard to go back to the boring dishes of before. If hot isn’t your thing, our Sweet Green Relish is sweet, chunky, and cucumber-based, for the added bonus of a nutrient hit!

Corn Relish is perhaps the most versatile of all, and is an absolute family favourite. For something a little different, Hamburger Relish is best friends with any meat, with tomato-based ingredients that are sweet, sour and spicy at the same time.

Playing favourites

Okay, so I’m obviously not doing a great job at picking a favourite so far. What I can say is that our Hot Dog Relish is the most popular topping with our customers. It’s a fruity, yellow relish with a tang of mustard that is just perfect for slathering all over a tasty hot dog. But it’s also incredibly versatile, going well with focaccias, meat dishes, dips, fish and salads.

Are you hungry yet? If this has you interested in our wholesale relishes, or keen to try a hot dog cart for your next event, give us a call. There’s nothing better than a great quality Frankfurt sausage topped with authentic relishes in a freshly baked bun. That’s as simple and as delicious as it gets, and it’s what we strive to perfect every time we set up our hot dog stand at a customer’s event.

Olaf from Yummy Dogs

Olaf from Yummy Dogs