How do you keep everyone entertained at your next community event? Whether it’s a school fete, a charity fundraiser or a celebration like Australia Day, stalls add the all-important fun factor.

Here are seven ideas for stalls that’ll delight everyone, and keep the good times rolling all day long.

1. Hot dog stand

Food takes top priority at any event, and nothing puts a smile on the dial like a hot dog stand. Add to that a range of authentic delicious relishes, and you’re well on your way to tasting success! As an added bonus, a hot dog stand also helps you feed a lot of people quickly – and there’s no mess to clean up afterward. We call that a win-win.

2. Water pistol fun

On a hot summer’s day, water pistols are every child’s dream and the big kids will want to get in on the action too. To create this stall, set up a table with five to 10 two-litre soft drink bottles, without lids. Half fill them with water so they are stable, and balance a ping pong ball on the top of each one. Arm contestants with a giant water pistol, to see if they can knock the ball off from a distance. If your event is a fundraiser, set a price or ask for a donation to have a go, and award small prizes like chocolates or a free hot dog if someone’s a really great shot!

3. Balloon car

Do this one just for fun, or engage a car company as a sponsor for your fundraiser. All you need to do is fill the car up with colourful, inflated balloons. Contestants have to guess how many balloons fit in the car. Keep track of the guesses by asking entrants to write down their guess and name. At the end of the day, the closest guess wins a prize.

4. Badge-making stall

Hiring a badge-making machine is a cost-effective and easy interactive stall for kids. Create a range of artwork to choose from, or set up a table for children to make their own pictures to turn into unique badges. 

5. Wet sponge throw

Who doesn’t want the chance to throw a wet sponge at a teacher or a well-known member of the community? You can hire village stocks, so the ‘victim’ has to kneel with their hands and head poking through the holes. Then all you need is a bucket and sponges to provide a good soaking. Top tip – the school principal is sure to bring in a lot of money for your next fete!

6. Crazy hair

Face painting is fun, but watch everyone line up for a chance to have crazy coloured hair for the day. You’ll need coloured hairspray that washes out after one wear, towels or haircutting capes, and a mirror so guests can admire their new do. Children will love picking a few colours for a rainbow look and all you need to do is segregate hair into sections, get creative with stripes, swirls or shapes, and spray away.

7. Lucky socks

No one can resist a lucky dip, but put a different spin on it with an array of colourful socks. Get a portable clothes line and peg your socks up. Put small prizes in each one, making sure to segregate those meant for adults and children. Let everyone know that one sock holds a major prize, like movie tickets or vouchers, and they may just be lucky enough to pick it.

You can’t go wrong with interactive stalls, especially if you’re holding a fundraiser. They are a great way to help raise money, while having a jolly good time in the process!