Do you have a favourite beverage to wash your meal down with? Most of us do, whether it’s a simple combination like milk and cookies, or more sophisticated fare such as a crisp white wine with barramundi. Drinks not only complement dishes, they enhance the flavour of food for a taste sensation.

Here’s a look at 10 classic food and drink pairings, for your gourmet pleasure.

1. Beer and hot dogs

First up, what could be better than beer and hot dogs? Not only does this pairing conjure memories of great days out at the sports stadium, the beer actually balances out saltiness and cuts through the delicious heaviness of the bun. As an extra bonus, almost any type of beer makes best friends with your dog and gourmet relishes.

2. Sauvignon blanc and goat cheese

Add a little French flair to your next cheese platter with this classic combination. The acidity of sauvignon blanc matches the tangy flavour of the goat cheese, while contrasting its creaminess with fruity sweetness.

3. Chardonnay and lobster

If you’re feeling rather posh or you have a special occasion, you can’t go wrong with chardonnay and lobster (or crab for that matter!) Both offer buttery, rich flavours and the chardonnay will help cleanse your palate to make the most of this gourmet treat.

4. Champagne and caviar

Sticking with the fancy theme, this pairing is a celebrity favourite. The appeal lies in the contrast of fruity bubbles and the salty caviar.

5. Pinot grigio with pesto pasta

Pesto pasta is rich, herbal and nutty, so it needs a simple flavour to cut through the richness. Enter a crisp pinot grigio and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven.

6. Cabernet sauvignon and beef

Red wine and red meat are a perfect match – the classic food and drink pairing. Cabernet offers the strong, bold flavour you need with your next robust beef dish.

7. Vodka and pickled vegetables

Everyone’s favourite traditional Russian drink goes down a treat with pickled food like gherkins and onions. Next time you throw a party, order from a wholesale pickles supplier in Sydney and set up vodka shots for your guests.

8. Margarita and calamari

Are you one of those citrusy fanatics who lathers lemon all over your seafood basket at the pub? If so, you need to try it with a margarita, its lemony flavour is the perfect accompaniment to your calamari rings.

9. Cognac and dark chocolate

Who doesn’t like a little cognac and chocolate to end a fabulous night out on the town? This pairing marries perfectly, with the nutty, velvety cognac enhancing the sharpness of dark chocolate. 

10. Coffee and cake

No food pairing list would be complete without the most popular combo of all, coffee and cake. Indulge in this match for breakfast, afternoon tea, dessert and all the little moments in between!

From an icy cold beer with a juicy gourmet hot dog, to a sip of cognac with rich dark chocolate, there are perfect food and drink pairings for every type of occasion. So invite your friends over for hot dogs or indulge in a romantic lobster dinner, and enjoy!