If you’re getting married, a backyard wedding can be a great choice. It’s convenient, there are no venue hire costs, and you have the freedom to select any date, decorate how you want and party until dawn, if that’s how you roll!

Here’s a simple guide to making the most of your special day in the backyard.

Keep it simple

If you’re choosing a backyard wedding, chances are you want to forego all the tiresome details, save money and keep your stress levels low. So you’ll want to stick to your resolve, and keep the organisation simple.

Carefully scrutinise your guest list, keeping in mind how many people your yard and home can comfortably accommodate. This is your day, so don’t feel guilty about not inviting every great-aunt, or your old babysitter from down the road.

Make a list and hone in on your ‘must haves’. For example, if décor is most important to you, that’s where you want to focus your attention and budget. If it’s entertainment, go easy on accessories and splurge on a band.

Decorate with nature

Your backyard is a ready-made backdrop for decorations, so make sure you use it wisely. Think about the look you want to achieve well in advance, so you can organise big pots of colour, fairy lights or even garden ornaments. Make sure you have a plan for mowing the lawn and tidying up hedges or shrubbery before the big day. 

Choose to follow the garden theme through with fresh flowers for table décor, or go for a completely contrasting look, like metallic ornaments and bold colours. Tying it all in with accents on your dress and the groom’s outfit is a nice touch to enhance the overall feel.

Pay attention to music and lighting

While love will most certainly permeate the air, it’s important to have great music and lighting for atmosphere as well. Whether it’s quiet classical in the background or fun-filled dance tunes from a DJ, music sets the scene and helps everyone relax and let their hair down.

Lighting creates a romantic feel, adds to your décor and, importantly, allows everyone to see what they’re eating! Avoid using the harsh, florescent lights on the veranda or patio, and opt for large candles on the tables, fire torches and coloured solar lights or lanterns placed throughout your property.

 Cater for yourself

One of the best things about a backyard wedding is catering for yourself, rather than adhering to set menu at a restaurant or function room. Love hotdogs? Great! Hire yourself a hot dog cart and find a wholesale relish supplier in Sydney for a delicious, gourmet finishing touch.

If you’ve got a friend who loves mixing cocktails, set up your own bar and let them unleash their creative talents. Wine, beer and soft drinks look fantastic in themed tubs or bowls, with heaps of ice for hot summer nights.

Make the memories last

You may or may not wish to hire a professional photographer, but either way there are plenty of options to create memories of the big event.

Put disposal cameras on every table, and tell your guests to go crazy. Allocate some of your friends to film big moments and take pics on their mobile phones, or set up a video camera somewhere with panoramic views of the action. If you want to give your guests something fun to do, hire a photo booth with costumes and look forward to seeing the shenanigans afterwards.

And possibly the most important tip? Do yourself a favour and hire a cleaner the next day, so you can simply drive off into the sunset on honeymoon!