Are your employees getting a little bored with the usual office party? Why not do away with the same old finger food catering and mingling around the office meeting room, and throw a creative company picnic instead?  

Spring is the perfect time to hold a company picnic to congratulate everyone for a job well done, and inspire your staff towards fun, positivity and teamwork.

Picnic under the Big Top

For large company picnics where staff and their families are invited, a circus themed event is interactive and fun for everyone. Hire an outdoor venue or get permission to hold the event at a local park, so you have ample space for a marquee or ‘big top’ and the attractions.

Fill the big top with appropriate entertainment. Depending on your budget, this could include arcade games, photo booths with props, magicians, face painters, and a mobile baby animal zoo.  Set up so guests can go from one attraction to the next inside the venue, and mingle, eat and drink outside.

No circus is complete without a gourmet hot dog stand and some of the yummiest hot dog toppings in Sydney to treat everyone’s tastebuds. Create a dedicated eating area outside your Big Top, with picnic rugs, themed tables and event catering in Sydney to do all the hard work for you.

A tie dye picnic

Do you have an office full of crafty, creative people? Lots of kids coming to the event? If you don’t mind getting messy, tie dying offers hours of fun and plenty of surprises to bring to work the next day. Make a competition out of it, so that the winning item has a use. This could be as simple as sprucing up the office tea towel or as complicated as designing a fun costume for promotions.

Hold the picnic at a local park, so guests have space to eat and drink, while they take turns creating their masterpieces. Buy the items for dying, whether they be plain white T-shirts, singlets or tea towels. You’ll also need a table and plastic cover, wide rubber bands, disposable gloves, plastic buckets with water, colour-fast fabric dye pre-mixed in squeeze bottles, and plastic bags for storage.

With each item, scrunch, fold and twist into shapes and secure with the rubber bands. Dunk them in the water, then squirt away with colour to create specific patterns or freestyle surprises. Pop them into the plastic bags to take home and set, rinse and dry, ready to bring to work the next day for the big reveal.

Beach volleyball picnic

A bit of friendly competition goes a long way towards fostering teamwork and problem solving together – and beach volleyball makes it fun! Plus, for anyone not able to play, a picnic by the ocean is always a winner.

Split employees up into groups of two to five before the event and ask them to wear funny costumes or uniforms to highlight their team. Organise a round-robin tournament, so everyone gets to play each other. The two teams with the most points make the ‘Grand Final’, which should, of course, include much cheering and an awards ceremony at the end.

Forget the office party – give your employees an event they’ll be excited to attend and stage a company picnic. Whichever theme you choose, these ideas will be sure to have everyone looking forward to the day and talking about it afterward!